Refund Policy

Updated October 5, 2021

We are here to ensure that tutors provide correct answers. Once the answer is delivered, you have 14 days after answer delivery to review. Payment is not released to your tutor until the end of this 14-day period or after you directly approve the answer, whichever comes first.

If you are not satisfied with a provided answer, there are three scenarios by which to dispute an answer to a question:

  • Answer delivery passed the due time
  • Incomplete answer provided
  • Excessive poor quality (less than 80%) with provided proof

If you dispute an answer, your tutor will be responsible to provide a justification for the original answer and offer a settlement price for the completed work.

If you accept the tutor settlement price, the difference between your original price and settlement price will be credited to your StudyGate wallet. If you reject the tutor settlement price, the dispute will be submitted to StudyGate for resolution.

StudyGate has full discretion to determine eligibility for refunds for answers that a student disputes. Our review team will look at your tutoring session closely to determine whether or not the tutor provided quality answers.

If your dispute results in a refund, we will refund to your StudyGate wallet (including service fees). If your tutor cancels your question, we will refund to your StudyGate wallet (including service fees). We will also refund wallet funds to your original payment method minus processing fees if you so choose.

Online tutoring sessions are not eligible for dispute protection. If you would like to file a dispute or request a revision on your answer, see our student help center for details.

Please note: For card refunds, the refund amount typically takes 5–10 days to appear on your bank statement. Wallet refunds are automatically applied. If you have any concerns about a payment, just reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help you out in the fastest manner possible.