What To Do When An Answer Is Unsatisfactory

Here is what you should do if you dispute an answer:

  1. Your tutor is responsible for responding to your dispute and has 72 hours to reply.
  2. You can share what went wrong in more detail by messaging them. If you want a refund or want the answer fixed, this is the time to make that clear.
  3. Once your tutor provides a justification, you will receive a settlement offer as well. This is a dollar amount that the tutor is offering to accept instead of the original payment. You can either accept or reject this.
  4. If you reject the settlement price, StudyGate administrators will decide the final payout based on these factors:
    • Whether the student provided all the required information before the bid was confirmed.
    • Whether the tutor delivered their solution on time.
    • Whether there was any miscommunication between student and tutor.
    • If the solution is helpful in any way to the student.

Disputes will be subject to the StudyGate Refund Policy. Once the answer is submitted, you have 7 days to review it.