What To Do When An Answer Is Unsatisfactory

Updated July 15, 2020

If an answer is not what you wanted or expected, StudyGate will make it right! Here’s how it works: Click “No I’m not satisfied” on the question details page after the tutor delivers your answer.

dispute process

At that point, you’ll be asked whether the job was late, less than 80% correct, or just needs more revisions:

dispute process

Revisions are judged based on your original instruction. If your revision fee adds or changes to the original request, it will be subject to add-on fees from your tutor. If the answer is late or more than 20% incorrect, it is eligible for dispute. In all cases, disputes are governed by the StudyGate Refund Policy.

If you choose to dispute, please explain why the answer is not satisfactory in as much detail as possible. Screenshots are helpful, especially if a grade has been provided.

dispute process

After you dispute, your tutor will be notified. They are the first ones responsible for solving the issue with you. StudyGate cannot directly refund questions if no agreement has been reached with your tutor.

  1. Your tutor will discuss the situation with you and offer one of two options:
    • Provide a justification explaining how the answer was on time or 80% correct. If you accept, the question is closed and the original payout is accepted.
    • Offer a new price settlement. This is the amount your tutor is offering to accept instead of the original payment. If you accept, the question is closed and the refunded money goes to your StudyGate wallet.
  2. If you reject either offer, StudyGate administrators will decide the final payout based on these factors:
    • Whether you provided all the required information before the bid was confirmed.
    • Whether the tutor delivered their answer on time.
    • Whether there was any miscommunication between you and the tutor.
    • Whether the solution is helpful in any way to the student.

You have two weeks from the time the question is answered to review for quality. Once a question is closed, it cannot be refunded. Online tutoring sessions are not eligible for dispute.