The StudyGate story begins with a student—and not a very good one. You see, while this particular student was intelligent, hardworking and motivated, he never excelled at school. Not because he didn’t try hard enough, but because most classes weren’t taught the way he learned. Textbooks made his eyes cross, he could barely memorize his own takeout order, and it took him longer than 30 seconds to understand a concept presented on a PowerPoint slide.

This combination meant college—with its grueling course load and antiquated gen ed requirements—was a slog. He felt lost and confused and forgotten and alone among thousands of other students. Professors weren’t accessible, tutors required long-term commitments, and connecting with his fellow classmates wasn’t exactly easy. He needed tailored academic help, yet struggled to find it.

That’s why Daniel Zhao started StudyGate. To provide students like him with convenient access to learning tools that actually work—and to spare them the agony of repeating such brain-battering courses as statistics and accounting, a special sort of damnation he understands all too well.

At StudyGate, we know what it’s like to have questions about a homework assignment 20 minutes before it’s due. We understand the panic that sets in when a professor jumps from concept to concept while you’re still stuck on the first one. We know how it feels to walk into an exam room certain only that you’ll fail. We believe the traditional grading system—with its emphasis on scores and answers—is broken, allowing too many students to slip through the cracks. While we can’t fix the system, we can help you navigate it.

Daniel never found the academic support he needed. We’re here to make sure you do. StudyGate connects students with expert tutors who are on demand to answer tricky homework questions, or to lead one-on-one tutoring sessions for more in-depth learning. Best of all, it’s all done online and above board. No hidden fees, no subscriptions, no bullshit. (That’s our official policy, btw.)

We hope the community we’ve created at StudyGate helps you like it’s helped students across the globe. Thanks for stopping by, and happy learning.

Stop struggling. Start slaying.

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