of American undergraduate students believe that online learning is the same or better for them than face-to-face study*



of higher education institutions in the US partially or fully operate online due to COVID-19 in 2021*


$12.81 billion

growth expected in e-learning from 2020-2024*


When it comes to landing your first job, winning matters.

How do On-Campus Partners Win?

We work with you directly to double down on your strengths. That's instant credibility for your resume that your future employer will appreciate. It's ideal work for marketing, business, and entrepreneur majors, but arts and science majors can do it too. Introverts and extroverts alike are welcome, the only requirement is the drive to try!

Here’s why being a StudyGate On-Campus Partner is the perfect job for college students

Make money
  • We’ll pay you 10% of all purchases made by students you introduce to StudyGate
  • 50¢ per unique click
  • You'll receive payment on first of each month
  • Your earnings get sent via PayPal
Gain experience
  • Earn the kind of real-world experience employers seek in candidates
  • Start monetizing your social media accounts
  • Get involved in one of the fastest growing industries since COVID
Collaborate with us
  • Work directly with our marketing team to brainstorm custom strategies
  • We work with college students as well as pro affiliate marketers
  • Banners, testimonials, and design teams in place so you can get started immediately
Enjoy perks
  • Benefits include additional cash incentives, access to our services and more
  • Add credit to your resume from a fast-growing Los Angeles startup
  • Top performers get a personalized recommendation letter from StudyGate founders

A little about us

StudyGate is an online tutoring marketplace that challenges the traditional education model by rethinking the way students learn. We combat the common frustrations that come along with gen ed courses, rigid grading systems and hard-to-reach professors by connecting students with expert tutors who answer questions and offer in-depth instruction—anytime, anywhere. There are no hidden fees or subscriptions, and our No Bullshit Promise is backed by a money-back guarantee to ensure students receive the quality academic help they deserve.

Ready to unleash your
marketing genius?