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  • Rperez

    Cuban and Historian. I am an assistant professor at the Department of History of the University of Havana, Cuba. I had several published articles and books. I am passionate about writing and researching. I..Show more

    Hourly Rate
    $30/ hour
  • George

    I am a certified Digital Marketer from The Open University and Google Digital Adwords. I have successfully completed over 200 projects on StudyGate with 5-STAR ***** RATING. I yearn to work on your task..Show more

    Hourly Rate
    $25/ hour
  • JRug33

    I am a 17-year veteran College Writing teacher who began tutoring writing in college almost 25 years ago. Helping others write better quickly became a passion of mine, which is what led to my..Show more

    Hourly Rate
    $25/ hour
  • Medinaphd

    As a private & online tutor for over six years, I can prepare tutoring lessons that are engaging with emphasis placed on scaffolding instruction. By utilizing the Socratic Method, I find this one of..Show more

    Hourly Rate
    $25/ hour
  • Rachaelc

    I am excellent at assisting students with popular culture cross-analysis with literary texts; poetry analysis and interpretation, especially from the Confessionalism movement to present; and Shakespearian texts. Above all, I can provide professional-grade grammar/mechanics..Show more

    Hourly Rate
    $30/ hour

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All the tutors I’ve dealt with on StudyGate were extremely helpful and professional. I don’t write reviews often, but you should definitely give it a try! - John

Vishal is a rare teacher who can entertain and engage me while actually teaching me. He is creative, listens to me, and extremely polite. - Jennifer

My favorite part of lessons with Brahmanand is when we take a very complex problem then break it down into its basic parts. This makes it way easier to grasp. - Ian

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He was honest. he told me 3 hours before it's due and he might not be able to help and asked me to looking for another tutor. so I did I spend more money to looking for another for help. The answer he gives me wasn't bad plus thank you for being honest - Nancy123

Good communication. Detailed expression. Everything is so nice. Strongly recommended. - George123

Quick and correct answers delivered! The SECOND time having this tutor and it was goodddddddddddddddddddddddddd! - brianliu0512

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How Can Online Essay Writing Service Benefit Me?

Common Types of College Essays

Before you put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, you must know the type of essay you’re expected to write. You might be thinking an essay is an essay, but in reality, many different types exist. We know because we’ve developed a variety of English essays for students.

Persuasive Essays
When you write a persuasive essay, you’re taking a stance on an issue. You want to persuade readers to agree with your point of view, whether advocating for animal rights or the artistic nature of graffiti. The best way to do this is with evidence that supports your claim. Asking StudyGate how to write essays for college students can make your paper more powerful.

Expository Essays
Also called definition essays, these are the most basic papers you’ll write. They aim only to define a concept or explain an idea, such as rooftop solar panels. StudyGate can write papers for students on any topic.

Descriptive Essays
When you want to explain a particular event or object, a descriptive essay is the way to go. Your words can help the reader hear, touch, taste, smell, or see what you describe. Our tutors are available 24/7 to write essays for students.

Narrative Essays
A narrative essay can also be called a personal or reflective essay. It combines an academic argument with personal storytelling. A tutor can demonstrate how to write essays for college students – including those with personal themes.

Online Essay Writing Service FAQs

Why students choose StudyGate Essay Writing Service?

StudyGate tutors have written a lot of essays, some for their own college courses. That’s right – each of our experts is either pursuing or already holds a graduate degree. You want to work with these pros because they know how to write essays for college students that earn high grades.

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We Write Papers for Students with Affordable Prices
We know you’re wondering how much it costs to write papers for students. Our pricing is easy to understand and affordable for most budgets. Here’s what to expect: prices for writing papers typically start at $10/page.

We keep our English essays for students affordable with a bidding process. Tutors interested in your project will place a bid. You can then choose the expert you want to work with. This easy process allows us to write papers for students without breaking the bank.