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People often say two brains are better than one, and we agree. Your StudyGate tutor will start with one concept and move forward at a comfortable pace. You should use this opportunity to ask the questions sitting in your head. And little by little, with patience and hard work, physics will begin to make sense.

Why Do Students Need Online Physics Homework Help from Expert Writers?

Even the most successful students ask for physics homework help. It’s a subject that requires critical thinking and math skills. And it’s not like traditional classes, where students can memorize facts just long enough to pass an assignment or quiz. Physics requires a systematic thought process. Luckily, our online physics homework helpers can show you how to develop this.

Physics Can Be Enjoyable

Physics is a fascinating subject that asks how things work. It is a study for those with enquiring minds and a passion for new ideas. For instance, much of the tech we take for granted is owed to this study: earbuds, smartphones, and even batteries, to name a few examples. Once you understand the root of physics, you begin to see its many possibilities. You can even begin to understand how the universe works.

Why You Should Study Physics

Students take physics for a number of reasons. It’s a course that can teach you why the sky is blue and also strengthen your quantitative reasoning. These are big words that simply mean you’ll become a more knowledgeable person, especially with numbers. And with physics homework help from StudyGate, you’ll have no trouble nailing your assignments.

To boost your confidence, think of scientists like Kepler and Einstein. Both faced criticism after presenting their laws of planetary motion and relativity. But they kept going, and so can you. Once you master physics, you’ll have a new skill set to showcase. You can use this in future classes and to apply to jobs in medicine, teaching, and other fields.

Physics Homework Help Categories

StudyGate’s tutors know physics inside and out. We’ve studied the same material as you and want to share what we’ve learned. Areas where we’ve previously provided physics homework help include those listed below.

Electric Force
In physics, this refers to the attractive force between electrons and the nucleus. But rather than exhaust yourself looking for answers, ask StudyGate to “do my physics homework.”

Circuits and Circuit Elements
Circuits have three basic components: a path, source, and load. When you’re tired and stressed, these can get tangled in your mind. StudyGate provides online physics homework help 24/7.

Magnetic Fields
A magnetic field is created by a rotating electric current. Its intensity is measured by Tesla units and…well, we could go on and on. But it’s best to let our expert team provide help with physics homework.

This small word refers to the magnetic field that is proportionate to the rate of change of the magnetic field. We know this doesn’t make much sense right now, but our physics homework helpers can clarify what it means.

Electromagnetic Radiation
We’re talking about the waves of the electromagnetic field that spread through space and carry radiant energy. If you’re wondering right now, “Who can do my physics homework?” StudyGate can. We’re here to help.

Optics is a branch of physics that examines light properties and behaviors, usually referring to infrared, ultraviolet, and visible light. Sort through this with StudyGate’s online physics homework helpers.

What Does Our Physics Assignment Help Offer?

It’s easy to quit a class when it’s hard. Or put off an assignment and hope that, at the last minute, the knowledge will click. But quitting doesn’t feel good, and waiting until the last minute only increases anxiety. Working with our physics homework helpers can relieve your worry – and help you stick with the class. You owe it to yourself to do well in this challenging but exciting subject.

We Guarantee At Least 80% Accuracy

StudyGate doesn’t take advantage of students who have questions. Our No Bullshit Promise guarantees your assignment will be at least 80% accurate, or you can ask for a refund. We fully stand behind the physics homework help we provide and will keep working until you’re happy.

Your Deadlines Are Our Deadlines

You have a deadline, and once you hire us to help with physics homework, it’s our responsibility to meet it. We will deliver your homework within the timeframe specified. If we don’t, you can again ask for a full refund. But our tutors are professionals, meaning they know the importance of submitting work on time. You can place your trust in them.

No Details Is Too Small

Every assignment has fine print. Maybe your instructor wants a report double-spaced or a specific abbreviation used for units of measurement. Whatever the directives are, StudyGate’s tutors will incorporate them into your online physics homework help.

Our Team Members Are Experts in Their Fields

Tutors must first prove themselves to work at StudyGate. They need to hold or be working toward a master’s degree and must also demonstrate their subject knowledge. If they do this successfully, we ask them to join our team. If they don’t, we politely decline. This is how we’ve built a pool of smart and responsible professionals.

Help with Physics Homework Has Never Been More Affordable

Life is complicated, especially for college students. We keep physics homework help simple, starting with our cost structure. We have three different price levels: one answer that can be delivered in an hour or less costs between $1 and $20. A worksheet with multiple questions costs between $20 and $100. And projects start at $100.

No Hidden Fees

The best part is our costs have no hidden fees. We don’t need to impose these because we’re a fully transparent company. This is just one of the reasons why students choose StudyGate for help with physics homework.

Reasons to Choose Our Physics Homework Help Services in Australia

Some researchers believe the laws of physics differ in various parts of the universe. One thing we can count on, however, is they’re the same throughout our planet. This means students in Australia and all other parts of the world can benefit from working with our physics homework helpers.

Easily Communicate with Your Tutor

Day or night, the StudyGate platform allows you to easily communicate with your tutor. You’re paying for a service – you can reach out to us anytime you have a question or want an update on your physics homework help. Your tutor will respond promptly so you’re never left waiting for an answer.

Keep Your Money Until You Give Approval

StudyGate holds payment until you give the approval on your online physics homework help. This means you don’t pay until you are completely satisfied. If a problem exists with your assignment either in accuracy or the time it was delivered, you can ask for a refund.

Comprehensive Privacy Policy

The choice to ask for help with physics homework is personal. We’ll never share your information, and we use your data strictly for homework and tutoring purposes. The only people who will know you asked for help are those you tell.

Physics Homework Sample Question and Answer

We’re using this opportunity to prove ourselves with a sample physics question and answer. It shows we can answer the homework questions you have. If yours are easier than this, don’t worry – we’ll take those, too.


The air bubble formed by explosion inside water performs oscillations with Time period T which depends on pressure P, density Rho and energy E. Establish a relation between T, P, Rho and E. 


Let’s have a constant as C.

T = C.P^a. Rho^b. E^c where we need to find out a,b,c using dimensional analysis to establish a relation. 

Expressing the terms:

Pressure = Force/Area = [M][LT^-1] /[L^2] = [ML^-1T^-2]

Density = Mass/Volume = [M] /[L^-3] = [ML-3]

Energy = [ML^-2T-2]


[T] = [ML^-1T^-2]^a . [ML^-3]^b . [ML^-2T^-2]^c

On comparing the exponents of M,L and T from both the sides

M: 0= a+b+c

L : 0= -a-3b+2c

T: 1= -2a-2c

Upon solving the above three equations, we get:

a= -⅚, b= ½ , c= ⅓ 

Hence, T =( C . Rho^ ½ .E^⅓ )/ P^⅚ .

We Follow These Steps to Solve Physics Homework

Getting the physics homework help you need is simple. Create your account, choose your subject, and select your topic. Then post your question and the date you need it by. Our tutors will be notified you’ve submitted a help request and will start sending bids. You can pick the pro you want to work with based on factors like their personal bio and bid amount. This keeps control in your hands.

Once your assignment is ready for review, SteadyGate will send you a message and email. You can approve the answer immediately or wait 14 days for your instructor’s feedback. Again, you control the process.

It can be hard to take a leap of faith, especially when it comes to your college education. But we have policies that protect every student we work with. And a Spring 2021 internal survey revealed nearly 98% of students ace their homework after working with SteadyGate. We believe in our team and urge you to do the same. Give us your homework today and get a response in as little as one hour.


From the team at StudyGate. We work with experts who have majored in physics; some are professionals, some have teaching experience, and others are in grad school. This gives you a large and knowledgeable pool to choose from.

Once you start thinking analytically, physics makes a lot more sense. Our tutors can put you on the right path, providing physics homework help that answers all your questions. But the first step is yours to make – submit your question today.

If it was easy, it probably wouldn’t be worth doing. We know physics is a challenge, but in return, you start to see the world a little differently. What StudyGate can do is clarify confusion and provide the online physics homework help you need. This will definitely make the course easier to understand.

Again, most students are used to repeating information they’ve memorized in class. Physics requires you to apply what you’ve learned. The truth is you can solve physics problems – you just need a helping hand.

We take a straightforward approach to physics homework help. Once you submit your question and choose your tutor, he or she will review the details. Any references used will be cited appropriately. And the answer will be developed in a way that thoroughly answers the question.

Our No Bullshit Promise shows we stand behind our work. You can ask for a refund if you’re not completely satisfied with your answer. We also have a strict no plagiarism policy that ensures your answer will be 100% unique. We don’t copy text from the Internet or rely on previous answers. Every solution is instead developed fresh for each question that comes in.

While we can’t speak for other providers, the prices at StudyGate are very affordable. The bidding process our tutors engage in helps keep costs low. We also strive to put money back into your pocket with our Give $10, Get $10 program. Simply refer some of your friends or classmates to StudyGate, and for each one who signs up, we’ll give you $10. Your friend will get the same amount, and this money can be used on your next service.

If you’re stuck on an assignment, ask for online physics homework help now. We can meet any reasonable deadline, and as explained earlier, some answers can be given in as little as one hour. The key is in being honest about the due date so you get the grade you deserve.

Yes, you can speak to him or her using our convenient online message platform. We encourage you to use this anytime you have a question. Doing so makes you feel more comfortable and lets your physics homework helper know exactly what you need.

You can either ask for clarification or request edits. You and your tutor can then communicate back and forth until the project meets your standards. We don’t rest until you’re happy.