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Chemistry is a natural science subject known to confuse even the most steadfast of students. The labs tend to be especially challenging because they require a strong foundation of math, especially error analysis. But chemistry is also a vast discipline. This means that once you learn one aspect, you have to switch gears and learn another. For example, acids and bases are mostly separate from equations and stoichiometry.

If none of this is making sense, don’t panic. StudyGate is here to meet your chem homework help needs. Our experts have majored in chemistry and/or are working in the field now. And they want to share their knowledge with you, a college student on the brink of greatness.

Branches of Chemistry Homework Help

You don’t have to be in a particular chem class to qualify for our help. Our tutors can lend a hand with any course, including organic chemistry homework. In fact, we’ll list here all the branches in which we can deliver timely and quality assistance right when you need it.

Organic Chemistry
We receive a lot of chem homework help requests in this area. In a word, organic chemistry is tough. It studies the structure, properties, and reactions of organic compounds and requires a significant amount of time. With our chemistry assignment help online, you’ll soon grasp the concepts of this course.

Inorganic Chemistry
This field concerns the properties and behaviors of inorganic compounds, including minerals and metals. If memorizing new terms is causing brain fog, turn to StudyGate for chemistry homework help.

Physical Chemistry
The subjects of physics and chemistry meet here to study the physical properties of atoms and molecules. This is an extremely intense course. That’s why many students seek chemistry assignment help online.

Analytical Chemistry
The purpose of analytical chemistry is to determine what matter is and how much of it exists. This is no easy feat, however. Our chem homework helpers are always available to answer questions.

Biochem explores the chemical processes of living organisms. This requires a great deal of laboratory time. The purpose is to understand and solve complex biological problems. To do this, you need to first understand the subject. StudyGate is happy to offer biochemistry assignment help online.

Environmental Chemistry
It’s easy to confuse this field of study with green chemistry because they both aim to help our planet. But environmental chem studies chemical processes within the air, water, and living environments. Green chemistry seeks to reduce pollution at its source. With our chemistry homework help online, you can better understand both fields.

Industrial Chemistry
This field improves lives by transforming matter into useful materials. But you don’t have to study these ideas on your own. Give us your question and receive rapid chem homework help.

Polymer Chemistry
A polymer belongs to a class of substances characterized by very large molecules. Learn this subject inside and out with easy, professional chemistry assignment help.

Sample Question and Answer for Chem Homework Help

Seeing is believing, and that’s why we’re providing a sample chem question and answer here. We want you to know our tutors are capable, and the same chemistry assignment help they’ve provided in the past can also be given to you.


Predict the product for the following reaction, paying attention to stereochemistry where appropriate.


Chemistry Assignment Help Online from Qualified Experts

Most students emerge from an academic background of seeing facts, repeating them for homework, and regurgitating the same facts on a test. But in chemistry, it’s important to understand the meaning behind those facts so you know the appropriate ways to use them.

Our chem homework helpers pave the path to this knowledge. Chemistry factors enormously into our daily lives, including the cleaning solutions we use, the air we breathe, and even the foods we eat. Using practical examples like these, our team can explain homework questions and turn an impossible assignment into one much more enjoyable. And if a piece of the puzzle still doesn’t make sense, we invite students to schedule online tutoring sessions.

Benefit from Long-Term Learning

Working one-on-one with a tutor allows you to plan sessions when it’s convenient for you. You can also use this opportunity to study to greater effect. For instance, as you’re reading classroom text in the time before your session, highlight those areas that aren’t clicking. Then ask your tutor for clarification. This is a much better way to learn than reading difficult material by yourself and later trying to remember it for an assignment or quiz.

We can also teach students the steps necessary to successfully solve chem problems. This requires more than memorization. Students need to devote a little time each day getting to know the subject. Slowly but surely, the procedures that characterize chem will start making sense. And thanks to the added knowledge of our chemistry homework helpers, you’ll breeze through the rest of your course and earn an awesome grade.

The Best Chem Homework Help from a Qualified Team

Chemistry homework help should come from those who have great time management and presentation skills, are patient, and can clearly show their work. StudyGate ensures each of our team members demonstrates these qualities before onboarding them. We work with only the best – pros driven to ensure your success.

Carefully Follow Instructions

Chemistry homework help is worth very little if it doesn’t meet your instructor’s expectations. Our tutors carefully read directions to ensure each detail is met. All research conducted is thoroughly documented, and the calculations we make are precise. In fact, we guarantee at least 80% accuracy on all of our chem homework help. If your assignment doesn’t meet this standard, you can ask for a refund.

Submit 100% Unique Answers Every Time

You might be worried our chemistry assignment help online will violate your university’s plagiarism’s policy, but rest assured it will not. We develop a completely unique answer for every student in every subject. And thanks to our iron-clad privacy policy, your personal information is safe. Nobody will ever know you sought the help of a tutor, not that it’s a reason to be worried or nervous. Plenty of college kids need help outside of their instructor’s office hours, and that’s why we’re here.

The Unique Features of Our Chemistry Homework Help Service

What else makes StudyGate so different? We offer live chemistry homework help 24/7 so that when you’re agonizing over an assignment at 1 am, you have somewhere to turn. It’s easy to feel alone at these times and to think that if you just give it a little more time, the subject will eventually make sense. But when you’re tired and worried, it becomes increasingly difficult to concentrate. We take the stress out of learning so you can focus on other assignments, other subjects, and other aspects of your life.

No Assignment Is Too Big or Too Difficult

Our tutors have the skill to provide any chem homework help you need. Big, small, or in-between, the project size doesn’t matter. In the past, we’ve delivered one short answer, several long answers, and even helped students write term papers. We’ll take any assignment you send our way and answer it with care.

Even Short Deadlines Are No Problem

Have you been struggling with the same homework question all day and are only now realizing you can’t answer it by yourself? Is your deadline approaching and, with each minute that passes, your stomach rolling in fear? Stop fighting and get the organic chemistry assignment help you need from StudyGate. We can meet any deadline and thrive in high-pressure situations.

Get Online Chemistry Homework Help at an Affordable Price

After all this discussion of how we can improve your academic life, now it’s time to talk about costs. Don’t worry – our pricing is straight-forward and affordable. Here’s what to expect: tutors charge $1 to $20 for a question that can be answered in one hour or less. They charge $20 to $100 for worksheets that require several answers – the price depends on the amount of time needed to answer each question. And for projects, tutors begin their pricing at $100 and increase from there according to complexity.

Safe Payment Options

We grant a safe and simple payment option with our StudyGate wallet. This allows you to track what you spend on chem homework help and maintain a budget. We can also use this handy device to load credits to your account if you participate in our Give $10, Get $10 program. It’s an easy way to keep money in your pocket. Simply use the affiliate link we give you and encourage some friends to also sign up for our services. For each friend who does, we’ll give both of you $10 to spend on your next assignment help or online tutoring session.


Yes, you can pay for chemistry assignment help online. This is a great way to gain clarity, preserve your GPA, and get the high grade you deserve. And getting this help is easy. Just click the Homework Help link, choose your subject, and upload your question. Tutors will be notified of your question and can then begin bidding. You choose the one you want to work with and wait for your completed assignment to be delivered.

By asking for help, you immediately lift some of the burden from your shoulders. This gives you a chance to step back from your assignment and rest. Once our tutors deliver your finished assignment, you can review and learn from it. We recommend keeping this work and referring to it for future assignments. And remember that we’re here to provide additional chem homework help anytime you need it.

With a StudyGate tutor during an online tutoring session. Simply follow the prompts on our website and choose a date and time convenient for you. Then have your questions ready and ask them of your tutor. This is the best way to learn chemistry online.

We will be happy to provide assistance with it so that you can succeed in your classes. You and your tutor can work together as you ask questions and he or she provides answers. This is a great way to boost your confidence and feel more comfortable with chemistry.

The best way to approach chemistry is with proven methodology, and learning this is part of the course itself. Using logical steps helps you break each part of a question or assignment into smaller, more digestible pieces. You can then use the concepts you’ve learned to identify accurate answers.

We abide by a few different policies that protect the students we work with. First is our refund policy, which gives you 14 days to review your assignment. If you’re satisfied, we’ll release payment to your tutor; if you’re not, simply let us know why and request a refund.

We also have our No Bullshit Policy that ensures transparent pricing and at least 80% accuracy on your chemistry assignment help. Our privacy policy stipulates we’ll only use your personal information for homework and tutoring purposes and, finally, our honor code certifies everyone using our site does so with integrity.

The StudyGate platform is incredibly easy to use. We guide you through each step of the chemistry assignment help process. From the homepage, simply pick a category (such as science), choose a subject (like chemistry), and describe the exact chem homework help you need. Upload supporting documents, select your due date, and we’ll handle the rest.

Our team of professionals wants you to succeed above all else. We know you’re a good student. That’s how you got accepted into college in the first place! And the fact that you’re seeking chemistry assignment help online further demonstrates you’re eager to do well. We fully support your academic career and, thanks to the numerous policies we’ve established, will stop working only when you feel completely satisfied.