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Just as doctors need basic anatomy to progress their studies, programmers should learn C. This enlightening language teaches the underlying principles of computer architecture, such as pointers. These and other objects are crucial for anyone who wants to develop their own programs.

But C can be challenging. It’s more difficult to learn than, say, JavaScript. The key is in taking your time and staying patient. C doesn’t teach you just another programming language. You also learn how a computer works. And StudyGate is here to provide the C homework help you need.

Why So Many Students Need C Homework Help

Understanding C requires knowledge of a computer’s memory system. If you don’t have this, you may need more time to learn the language. In addition, typos need to be caught early when writing in C. Students might otherwise sit for hours trying to resolve mysterious problems when a typo simply needs to be corrected.

For these reasons, many students ask for C programming assignment help – even those who consider themselves technically proficient.

C Is Used in a Variety of Ways

Before you think C is outdated and unnecessary, we urge you to think again. This mid-level language can help you learn other languages. It’s used for application level programming and writing operating systems. It also allows users to develop and build databases as well as create Internet browsers and their extensions. All of these skills help you become a better programmer. Rather than give up on this course, you should embrace the lessons, ask StudyGate for C homework help, and get an awesome grade.

Trust Your C Programming Homework Helper

Students ask for C programming homework help to relieve pressure on themselves. They expect prompt and courteous service and a job well done. In other words, they need to trust their C homework helpers. At StudyGate, we provide info on our tutors so you know their skills and personality. This helps you choose the right expert for your needs.

Know Who You’re Working With

Once you’ve logged into your StudyGate account, you can click on Browse Tutors. Then choose a tutor and read his or her bio and client reviews. For example, Homework_Painkiller has achieved Ivy League status and is experienced in a range of subjects. He has a 5.0 rating and a 100% on-time delivery rate. Armed with this information, you can place your confidence in Homework_Painkiller and other C homework helpers just like him.

C Homework Help We’ve Provided in the Past

Students give us a variety of C programming homework help requests. In the past, we’ve helped add the necessary code to include all additional arithmetic operators, all additional relational and logical operators, and both if and case statements.

We’ve also modified bison input files so they define the appropriate computations for all features. We’ve added functions and modified those that already exist. This list could go on, but the best way to understand the C homework help we’ve previously provided is to see it for yourself.

A Sample C Homework Help Question and Answer

Choosing the wrong C homework helper can be a waste of time and money. We know you can’t spare either. To help you feel comfortable with StudyGate, here is an example of our C programming assignment help.


This project asks you to modify the interpreter so it interprets programs for the complete language. You may convert all values to double values, although you can maintain their individual types, if you wish.

When the program is run on the command line, the parameters to the function should be supplied as command-line arguments. For example, for the following function header of a program in the file text.txt:
function main a: integer, b: integer returns integer;

One would execute the program as follows:
$ ./compile < test.txt 2 4
In this case, parameter a would be initialized to 2 and parameter b to 4.
An example of program execution is shown below:
$ ./compile < test.txt 2 4 1 function main a: integer, b: integer returns integer; 2 c: integer is 3 if a > b then
4 a rem b;
5 else
6 a ** 2;
7 endif;
8 begin
9 case a is
10 when 1 => c;
11 when 2 => (a + b / 2 - 4) * 3;
12 others => 4;
13 endcase;
14 end;

Compiled Successfully
Result = 0

You are to submit a Word document that contains the documentation for the project, which should include the following:
A. A discussion of how you approached the project
B. A discussion of lessons learned from the project and any improvements that could be made


For this project the user can enter numbers as arguments at the command prompt. As soon as the numbers are entered as arguments we will use the atoi() function to return the value of the string as an integer and assign both the arguments to integers a and b. This is followed by switch statements to execute statements depending on the value of the first argument which is assigned to a.

CASE 1: If the value of a is 1 then the function func is called with a and b as parameters and the function will return the value depending on the fact if a is greater than b or if a is smaller than b and the value is then finally displayed.
CASE 2: If the value of a is 2, then this case is executed where func() is called with a and b as parameters .The value is finally returned by the function and we will get a new value of “a” to work with and finally the statements d= (a + b / 2 – 4) * 3 is executed and the result is displayed.
DEFAULT: If the value of a is other than 1 or 2 then 4 will be displayed as required by the problem.

Lessons Learned and Improvements:
1) Passing arguments at command prompt was studied
2) Passing arguments into the function by value was studied
3) The use of if and case was studied. Execution of statements took place depending on the
value of variables here.
4) Arithmetic and logical operators were studied and it was studied how the rule of BODMAS
applies to expression during their evaluation.
5) The improvements could be done by using multiple functions for separate cases and by evaluating 10 more test cases .Another improvement would be to develop the same code in Java and Python in future.
6) Instead of passing arguments from command prompt we can pass the arguments within the
program by using functions.

We Know Common C Homework Terminology

Not only can we help students ace their homework, but we’re also pretty good at explaining difficult terms. We use a combination of humor and patience to ease the panic that comes with not understanding a concept. And under our guidance, you’ll quickly master the C language.

Constants and Literals

Constants describe fixed values of a program that cannot be altered during its execution. These fixed values are also known as literals. Using examples that help identify constants, our C homework helpers can turn a difficult assignment into one that’s enjoyable.


Operators are symbols that instruct the compiler to perform specific logical or mathematical functions. C language is rich with both arithmetic and relational operators. Our C programming assignment helpers can explain these to you.


A variable is a name given to a storage area that programs can manipulate. Each C variable is of a specific type that determines its size, layout, memory, and functions. You will quickly and easily understand this language’s variables with our C programming homework help.

Decision-Making Structure

These structures require the programmer to specify one or more conditions to be tested or evaluated by the program. C homework helpers can help you define decision-making structures and their related execution statements.


An identifier can include uppercase and lowercase letters, an underscore, and numbers, but the starting character should be either an underscore or letter. After a long day of studying and classes, StudyGate’s C homework helpers will clarify identifiers.

The Most Transparent C Homework Help You Can Find

We’ve reviewed the many benefits of the C language, our previous experience with helping students, and the ways we can assist you. Now it’s time to explain how StudyGate is different from other online C homework helpers.

This starts with our refund policy, designed to protect you and your money. You have 14 days to review your completed C homework help; if, during this time, you feel less than 100% satisfied, simply ask for a refund.

No Hidden Fees

We don’t believe in further complicating life. Just the opposite, we like simplicity. This shows in the pricing structure of our C programming homework help. One answer that can be delivered in an hour or less costs between $1 and $20. We charge between $20 and $100 for worksheets with multiple questions. And project fees start at $100.

You’ll know your costs upfront as tutors provide their bids. We never charge additional fees that only add to the money you must pay. Instead, we’re committed to keeping C homework help affordable.

We Guarantee All C Homework Help

If our refund policy wasn’t enough to ensure your satisfaction, we also have a No Bullshit Promise. This guarantees our tutors will be available 24/7 to provide the help you need. We also pledge to provide you with C homework help that is at least 80% accurate. Finally, we promise your assignment will be completed by the deadline you provided. If any of these conditions are not met, you can ask for your money back.

We Stop When You’re Happy

Worried about edits? Don’t be. If you feel your C programming assignment help needs revisions, we’ll provide them free of charge (within reason). And if additional C homework help could benefit you, our experts are available for private online tutoring sessions.

With StudyGate, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Working with a qualified C homework helper allows you to learn the subject and pass the course. Don’t spend another moment worrying about your deadline; submit your question today and get the C programming assignment help you need.


Yes, the C homework help we offer is entirely legal. You never need to worry about plagiarism because we develop answers that are 100% unique. We also demand everyone who uses our site, including our tutors, acts with integrity. This means we don’t complete homework or quizzes for you. Instead, we offer C homework help to improve your understanding of the subject.

Right here at StudyGate. Our experts have studied C and additional languages so they can answer all your questions. We love explaining topics in this course that range from beginning to advanced levels. Submit your question today – our C homework helpers are waiting.

Our pricing structure is based on simplicity and transparency. Here are the bid ranges you can expect from our C homework helpers:

  • One question that can be answered in an hour or less: $1 to $20
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The process for getting C homework help couldn’t be easier. Log into your StudyGate account, choose your category, select your subject, and then post your question. Our C homework helpers will begin posting bids within minutes, and you can then choose the one you want to work with. Once your C programming assignment help is ready for review, we’ll notify you by message on the StudyGate platform and email. You then review the work and either approve it or ask for edits.

We’ll carefully review the assignment’s details and then begin working. Meeting your deadline is a critical part of our job, and we understand that. We’ll therefore get to work immediately, breaking down the individual components of each question to ensure we provide thorough answers. If we need to use outside sources, we’ll cite those appropriately.

We don’t complete homework assignments because doing so would violate your school’s code of ethics. What we will do is offer C programming homework help that allows you to understand the material and apply it in class. Our tutors are committed to seeing you succeed.