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Maura helped me in all 3 subjects and did a fantastic job. She gave me more help in a few minutes than the other tutors I have tried taught me in 2 hours! - Jessica at KU

Thomas was constantly bending over backwards to accommodate my changing schedule. The response times were always “blazingly fast” like the site says, but more importantly he knows the subject extremely well. - Samuel at OSU

I had to write a character analysis of Atticus Finch from tkam. I wanted to pay someone to do it but found something better. George helped me make an outline. He showed me where to research. He gave some sources to get started. I got an 89! - Brian at Northwestern

I met with Matthew probably 20 times to get ready for my finals. I recovered from surgery for the first 6 weeks of class and needed to catch up quickly. Matthew was flexible with scheduling and knew the subject very well. - Morgan at ASU

The first meeting with Ruth went great. She was VERY of understanding of my not having a solid foundation in math and we dove into the basics together. - Angel at UF

I finally was able to break down this chapter with Gabriel in a way I could understand. He could move fast or slow whenever I needed, which helped a lot. He was efficient too, which saved me a lot of money. - Conor at USC

If you are anything like me it is fastest to just guess the answer and see what comes up wrong and then have someone explain it so you understand. Neha does all that and more. - Mia at Vanderbilt

Le Z is super patient to make sure you understand. Demand for resources, wage determination, public finance, information asymmetries, and income inequality. He broke it all down for me with the answers. - Robin at UT Austin

StudyGate helped me with so many assignments. I highly recommend it! - Robin at WSU

My favorite part of lessons with Brahmanand is when we take a very complex problem then break it down into its basic parts. This makes it WAY easier to grasp. - Ian at PSU

Nsomu has been giving me lessons for about four months. He knows the subject and helps me identify targets for improvement. Which gives me more time with my friends. - Dalton at Wellesley

Vishal is a rare teacher who can entertain and engage me while actually teaching me. He is creative and listens to me as well as polite. Truly a pleasure to work with! - Katelyn at Texas A&M

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How to Find the Right Online Special Needs Tutor

To offer children special needs learning help requires strategy and patience. No matter whether we are adults, baby, or students with special needs, we all process new information in the same way.  Humans identify an objective and learn what they are supposed to do. Then they practice it repeatedly over time. They learn each step in the process. This occurs whether we skateboard, practice judo, play an instrument, or acclimate to a new social environment. For a child with special needs learning help, learning to brush teeth involves the same series of steps that we unconsciously discovered as children. The difference with a special needs child is that the learning process must be more intentional.

Children with special needs struggle to understand abstract concepts, so success hinges on making sure not a single step gets overlooked. But the truth is that all of us can get frustrated when we do not know the steps to accomplishing a task. It takes an extremely patient approach to overcome challenges where the steps are not clearly developed. For all of us, learning the steps to complete a task involves a great deal of failure, and failure brings learning with it.

How to Find the Right Online Special Needs Tutor

To master a task, we need to embrace making mistakes all the time and get constant help. As we start to understand the general idea, humans continue to make many mistakes and need high levels of help. Once this understanding begins to solidify, the mistakes and level of help needed both go down. By the time you have mastered a given task, you can complete it with no mistakes or help necessary.

Even when learning is hard, the process behind learning never changes. At StudyGate, our job is to connect you with a special needs learning tutor who can help your child identify exactly what they are supposed to do and outline all of the steps along the way. Great special needs tutors help children embrace the mistakes that come with building competency and feel good about the learning process along the way. Our special needs tutor will work with your child to identify what works, eliminate the approaches that do not, and consistently execute this strategy. Over time, this will lead to increased learning ability and greater preparedness to face the challenges of life.

With any student, the strength of working with them successfully lies with understanding that where attention goes, behavior follows. This increases long-term engagement for parents seeking special needs learning help.