Who are you?

You're somebody who knows a whole lot about something. Math, science, economics—you name it. Maybe you’re a grad student. Maybe you’re out of school. Teaching experience is irrelevant. Our students simply want someone who is patient, reliable and dedicated to helping them understand challenging subjects.

Who are we?

We're an online learning platform that connects students with tutors. We offer Online Tutoring, but most of our work comes via Homework Help. You decide what you want to do: answer lots of individual homework questions, or occasionally help students understand broader topics.

Why should you work with us?

Because you'll get paid for sharing what you already know. Hundreds of questions are posted to StudyGate every day. You choose your own assignments and you set your own fee. Work when you want, where you want—and earn good money doing it.

Here's how our tutors have helped students across the US


About 15 minutes. Scroll down and click the "apply now" button to get started. You will need (1) your diploma or latest transcript (2) Your ID (3) Picture of you holding your ID.
No. Having a GTA or TA position in a Master’s program is preferred (but not required). Why is that? You understand what students are going through and know from experience what works and what doesn’t when it comes to education. While being an expert in something is required, certification is not.
We're generally looking for STEM tutors. Here's a full list of subjects: Accounting & Finance, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Computer Science (C++, Java, C#, Database, Web Design), Economics, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Statistics, and Probability. But if you're really good at something else, don't be shy!
The fall semester has started and tutor applicants will be reviewed on Friday of each week. We'll share updates on your application from there.
We have a student management platform that allows you to bid on homework help questions and interact with students. We also built a whiteboard so you can do online tutoring with a student. Finally, we provide our tutors with chargeback protection against fraudulent disputes.
Our top tutors earn around $75 per student engagement. A couple factors that increase earnings include response times to email notifications and student messages.
Tutors with a US bank account have two options: ACH deposit or PayPal. Everyone else can withdraw from their SG wallet using PayPal. Payment requests may be submitted 2x monthly with disbursement within 3-5 business days. Wallet balance must be at least $20 to withdraw.

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