Who are you?

You're working on a master's degree or a PhD in math, some area of science, business, programming, or the humanities. You're in a TA position or maybe even doing a postdoc. Or you have already been offering homework help online for years.

Who are we?

We aren't originally from Los Angeles, but that's our location. We've been working together as a team since 2014. We started out offering learning services ourselves, so we know what it's like to freelance. For more on who we are, click "Our Story" at the top of the page.

Why should you work with us?

Because we protect your privacy. Payment is guaranteed for work completed so you never have to worry about payment processing. We take care of all the marketing. We're in middle stages of growth, so we have customers, but we're not so huge that tutor competition is overwhelming.

How does StudyGate handle my privacy?

All activities and communication between experts and students remain anonymous. As an applicant, any information provided will be used for management and platform security purposes only.

Here's how our tutors have benefitted from using StudyGate


Your portfolio weighs the most heavily in your application consideration. Typical reasons applications get rejected include, but are not limited to, the following: • Applicant wrote to StudyGate in their bio, but the intended audience is the bio is the student • Grammar errors • Highlighting exams taken instead of the skill set offered • Quality of portfolio issue, lack of specificity, plagiarism, etc. • Lack of professionalism, especially writing in ALL CAPS • Too much focus on hobbies instead of skill set in the bio • Spam post, copy+paste of content from LinkedIn account, resume, etc. • Lack of experience helping college level students
StudyGate offers homework help services to college students in North America and Asia. Our goal is to provide direct straightforward answers in a straightforward, no-BS environment. Students want help, we deliver accuracy on time.
This isn't full-time or part-time employment. StudyGate is a freelancing platform, and we use a bid system to assign work. We offer work freedom so that you could engage customers on your schedule for pay.
About 15 minutes. Before getting started, you will need your diploma or latest transcript. You'll also want to have your ID on hand for verification purposes and a phone to take a picture of you holding your ID. You'll also be asked to provide a portfolio item and video introduction.
No. Having a GTA or TA position in a Master’s program is preferred (but not required). We also see that tutors with online experience on other platforms do well here. Our most successful tutors have a laser-like focus on getting students answers to their questions, on time.
We're looking for STEM and humanities experts. Here's a full list: Accounting & Finance, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Computer Science (C++, Java, C#, Database, Web Design), Economics, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Statistics, and Probability, history, literature, psychology, nursing.
We review every completed application (steps 1-4). This happens a couple times weekly during the busy season. We typically pause aggressive recruiting during the summer months.
We have a dashboard that allows you to bid, deliver homework help answers, and interact with students. We have a whiteboard for online tutoring. We protect against fraudulent disputes. We've built out a detailed resources network to make sure succeed. This is our baby, and we won't stop until EVERY interaction is par excellence!
We've seen our best tutors make $13K+ in one month. Top tutors earn $50-$200 per question on average. This is a bid platform, so pricing is determined by the size and urgency of the question.
Tutors with a US bank account have two options: ACH deposit or PayPal. Everyone else may withdraw via PayPal. Payment requests may be submitted 3x monthly with disbursement within 3-5 business days. Wallet balance must be at least $20 to withdraw.
We charge a 30% tax on confirmed bids. Then we provide a runway to get that number down to 20% as you gain experience and credibility on the platform.
StudyGate requires ID verification for security purposes and to ensure a premium experience for our customers. Besides government IDs, we also accept student IDs for application processing.
StudyGate cannot offer employment, and open accounts are considered under independent contractor status. For more information, please contact the institution that sponsored your visa.

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