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Had a hw emergency running a flame test in Gen. chem. Nani was there for me to help me analyze the data. Would recommend him to anyone!

– Austin in Kansas City

I needed help with fulcrums, vectors, and rotational forces changing from one second to another. Joseph quickly understood my perspective and provided the answers with work shown. Best money I’ve ever spent for the price. Deserves 6/5 stars!

– Austin at UH

I used to feel nervous every time I got a calculus assignment. Ankur helps me quick, esp. in the evenings. Now I am familiar with calculus formulas, esp. basic limit evaluations.

– Ilham at UC-Irvine

Neva was so helpful during our online tutoring session. I was trying to run an independent samples t-test. She patiently explained the t value and why the p value is significant. Neva, I want to give you a hug!

– Jada at UCLA

Francisco was the best online tutor I have ever had. He knew where I was coming from as a student and took the right approach to help me solve the exponential growth equations for myself. He was extremely skillful and really knew how to help. Actually the man you guys should all hire

– Jacqueline at SJSU

I asked Nathan questions about how algorithms work, and he explained how they are designed. Great sense of humor. Detailed and helpful online tutor!

– Allen in New York City

I had never used this service before and, in the beginning, I was quite skeptical. Jessica has such a nice way about her that, even online, I could sense her sincerity. She is excellent in Spanish and el subjuntivo, more timely in her responses and extremely caring. And I got a 95 on my last Spanish test

– Jackson from Iowa

Accounting was a big challenge for me since I got a D last fall and had to retake my class. Ashish taught me cash flow statements and met with me weekly from January – end of April. I got an A-. Couldn’t have done this without him, best tutor ever!

– Alanza at UIUC

Had some genetics punnet square quiz questions. Needed answers w/ explanations. Got both in 25 minutes and turned in on time. I get it better now.

– Fang at UIC

Very good with Python to help me separate the low values from the high in the index!!! Lucky I found Aquiline since the deadline was only 3 hours away

– Bianella at Baruch College

I had to write a character analysis of Atticus Finch from tkam. I wanted to pay someone to do it but found something better. George helped me make an outline. He showed me where to research. He gave some sources to get started. I got an 89!

– Brian at Northwestern

Le Z is super patient to make sure you understand. Demand for resources, wage determination, public finance, information asymmetries, and income inequality. He broke it all down for me with the answers.

– Emily at Rice University


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