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How ADHD Brains Work

For people who do not suffer from ADHD, it can be difficult to understand why someone would need specialized help. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder brings with it a unique set of challenges that others should account for. ADHD makes it easy for students to get distracted through inattentiveness. Students can also feel difficulties with sitting still for any period of time, begin to act impulsively, and struggle to identify when they are in danger. ADHD also makes it difficult for students to learn from previous mistakes.

But all of these issues can be explained by physiological and neurochemical mechanisms. Individuals with ADHD live a prefrontal cortex where the right side is smaller than the left side. 90% of students with ADHD also live with right cortical lesions. Blood flow also affects ADHD students as it is spread unevenly. ADHD students live with high blood flow in the occipital cortex and low blood flow in the frontal and temporal cortex.

ADHD also affects the neurochemical side of the human mind as well. Norepinephrine and dopamine act as neurotransmitters in the human mind. Their roles are to activate the human fight or flight response as well as the pleasure and reward regions of our brain. However, neither of these neurotransmitters can be found in normal quantities in ADHD students.

Strategies Parents Can Use without Medication

To give learning help to students diagnosed with ADHD, there are four steps to focus on. Our tutors create a positive environment that gives encouraging feedback for the student. They also make a structured approach to learning that contains high levels of organization. Tutors also need to assist the student in a process known as self-monitoring. Closely related to self-awareness, this approach helps the student to adjust their behavior based on the social situation. Finally, tutors must possess the ability to grab the attention of the student.

Students can also take action on their own to reduce the effects of ADHD. This happens by listening to music while they do their homework. Classical music, video game music (Final Fantasy VII), and movie soundtracks can help to add upbeat motivation and drown out the other noises. Another successful approach comes with the Pomodoro technique. This simple approach uses a timer of 25 minutes with focused work and a 5-minute break to relax.

If your teen needs ADHD learning help, there are affordable tutors available to assist in math and science subjects. We select ADHD tutors carefully to ensure their background corresponds with the needs of your teen. The platform ensures convenience while they continue to learn one on one with a subject expert.