Marketing Plan模板:轻松搞定营销计划,Marketing Plan中英文模板了解一下!

对于商学院的小伙伴而言,Marketing Plan是一种很常见的作业形式。那么如何制定高分Marketing Plan市场营销计划呢?Marketing Plan的写作格式是什么?今天我们为大家详细介绍Marketing Plan中英文模板,帮你轻松搞定市场营销计划。

 此营销计划示例可以帮助你的小型企业创造销售。 本文档是示例营销计划模板,可帮助你快速创建自己的策略。模板示例包含文本,图表和图形,以帮助你建模自己的计划。

这里以一家Mobile News Games LLC公司为模板示例。

Marketing Plan模板—— 1.0 Executive Summary 执行摘要

Mobile News Games LLC (MNG) develops mobile games relating to current news events. This marketing plan illustrates our market segments and the strategies we are employing to get customers and create a solid revenue stream. We are not just any mobile game developer. Our unique focus of creating games with a news twist gives us an advantage over our competitors by giving customers a new outlet to enjoy mobile games. This fills a read need of not just traditional gamers but expands our reach to people who would normally not play mobile games yet are amused by the comical angle we use.

Mobile News Games LLC(MNG)开发与当前新闻事件有关的手机游戏。 该营销计划说明了我们的细分市场,以及我们为吸引客户并创造稳定收入来源而采用的策略。 我们不仅是任何手机游戏开发商。 我们以创造新闻为特色的游戏的独特重点在于,通过为客户提供一个享受手机游戏的新渠道,使我们比竞争对手更具优势。 这不仅满足了传统游戏玩家的阅读需求,还扩大了我们的覆盖范围,使那些通常不会玩手机游戏,但对我们使用的漫画角度感到满意的人也可以使用。

We will fund development of our own games by providing consulting services to create similar games for corporations who are looking to create mobile games for promotional purposes. These consulting assignments will come from advertising sponsorship relationships that we will establish with companies who are interested in embedding their brand and offers inside our other games and would also like something more custom that they can offer as their own game. In the first 3 years of the business, we expect consulting to constitute a large portion of our revenue stream.

我们将通过提供咨询服务为我们自己的游戏开发提供资金,以为希望制作用于促销目的的手机游戏的公司提供类似的游戏。 这些咨询任务将来自广告赞助关系,我们将与有兴趣在其他游戏中嵌入其品牌和报价的公司建立广告赞助关系,并且还希望它们可以作为自己的游戏提供更多定制的东西。 在业务的前三年,我们预计咨询将构成我们收入来源的很大一部分。

Marketing Plan模板—— 1.1 Vision 愿景

marketing plan模板 Vision

Our vision is to provide people with a brief escape of fun over the course of their normal day. We do this by providing them with timely interactive games that they can access on their mobile devices – games that are easy to play and have some connection with current pop culture news.

我们的愿景是为人们在正常的一天中提供短暂的乐趣。 为此,我们为他们提供了及时的互动游戏,他们可以在移动设备上访问这些游戏,这些游戏易于玩,并且与当前的流行文化新闻有一定的联系。

MNG leverages our team’s software development experience to create timely games quickly. Our marketing challenge is to attract visibility quickly and we intend to accomplish this by leveraging a multi-pronged approach that involves social media, email marketing and search engine optimization strategies to gain market share. As we gain traction in the marketplace, word of mouth will lift our game downloads significantly.

MNG会利用我们团队的软件开发经验来快速创建及时的游戏。 我们的营销挑战是快速吸引知名度,我们打算通过涉及社交媒体,电子邮件营销和搜索引擎优化策略的多管齐下的方法来获得市场份额。 随着我们在市场上获得吸引力,口口相传将大大提高我们的游戏下载量。

Marketing Plan模板—— 1.2 Objectives 目标

Generate over $400,000 in sales by the end of year 1.

Increase sales by 100% by the end of year 2.

Land 4 custom consulting game development projects within 12 months.

1.到第一年年底,产生超过$ 400,000的销售额。



Marketing Plan模板—— 2.0 Target Markets 目标市场

Our ideal customer is between the ages of 13 and 25 who enjoys playing video games and has a mobile phone that allows applications to be downloaded, such as the iPhone, Android or Blackberry. They often have an Xbox, Wii, Playstation or other TV-based video game unit at home. They may also have a portable gaming unit such as the DS/DSi and other portable gadgets such as an iPod.

我们的理想客户是13至25岁之间的用户,他们喜欢玩视频游戏,并且拥有可以下载应用程序的手机,例如iPhone,Android或Blackberry。 他们经常在家中拥有Xbox,Wii,Playstation或其他基于电视的视频游戏机。 他们可能还拥有便携式游戏机(例如DS / DSi)和其他便携式小工具(例如iPod)。

Customers are typically single and male and own or have access to a home computer, PC or Mac. They have a wide range of disposable income. Some are teenagers living at home, others are college students or those who have joined the workforce in the last 5 years.

客户通常是单身,男性,拥有或可以使用家用计算机,PC或Mac。 他们拥有广泛的可支配收入。 有些是青少年,他们住在家里,有些是大学生,或者是最近5年加入工作岗位的人。

Our game design consulting customer is the VP of marketing or equivalent position of a medium to large organization who is looking for creative promotional methods for their products and services.


2.1 Market Definition and Segmentation 市场定义与细分

We target two segments: mobile game users and organizations that want to reach them. In both of these segments, customers are computer and mobile phone savvy and enjoy creative experiences.

我们针对两个细分市场:手机游戏用户和想要吸引他们的组织。 在这两个领域中,客户都精通计算机和移动电话,并享受创意体验。

Mobile Game Users 手机游戏用户

There are two types of customers that define the demographic of mobile gamers: teens (including pre-teens) and young adults, which for the purposes of this marketing plan will include teenagers age 18 and above as they are considered young adults by the general population as well as by the law. The primary difference between the two demographic segments is who provides the money for game purchases.

有两种类型的客户定义了移动游戏玩家的受众特征:青少年(包括青少年)和年轻人,根据此营销计划的目的,他们将包括18岁及18岁以上的青少年,因为他们被一般人群视为年轻人 以及法律规定。 这两个人群之间的主要区别是谁为游戏购买提供资金。

Free mobile games: 免费手机游戏

We offer trimmed back versions of our games for free so that users can get a taste of the full game without committing any money up front.

Some features of free versions are disabled and advertising is displayed in some strategic locations within the game so that users are not bothered or distracted by the ads. For example, a soda company may pay for a sponsorship and we might embed their name as a clickable (tappable) billboard that appears as if it is part of the game itself.


免费版本的某些功能被禁用,并且广告在游戏中的某些战略性位置显示,因此用户不会被广告打扰或分散他们的注意力。 例如,一家汽水公司可能会支付赞助费用,我们可能会将其名称嵌入为可点击(可轻敲)的广告牌,看起来好像是游戏本身的一部分。

Paid mobile games: 付费手机游戏

Our paid mobile games contain a broader set of features. The price range is between $1.99 and $4.99 in order to create very low price resistance for customers.

Paid games are also monetized via clickable (tappable) ad sponsorships embedded within the games.

我们的付费手机游戏包含更广泛的功能。 价格范围在1.99美元至4.99美元之间,以便为客户提供非常低的价格阻力。


Games are available via instant download on their appropriate mobile platform (i.e., Apple’s Appstore for the iPhone).


Organizations That Want to Reach Youth and Young Adults


Additionally, there is typically one type of customer who purchases custom mobile game development services: VP of Marketing or Chief Marketing Officer. Their intent is to promote their brand and products to the demographic that overlaps with mobile game users.


2.2 Target Market Segment Strategy 目标市场细分策略

Our strategy focuses on developing an initial set of libraries containing game attributes that can be combined to create new games. Upon launching the first set of games, we will stay in regular contact with our customers via numerous online methods, including social media and email marketing. After creating these libraries and games, we will be able to market fast-turnaround consulting services to organizations who would like their own promotional games.

我们的策略着重于开发一组初始库,这些库包含可以组合以创建新游戏的游戏属性。 在推出第一套游戏后,我们将通过多种在线方法(包括社交媒体和电子邮件营销)与客户保持定期联系。 创建了这些库和游戏之后,我们将能够向想要自己的促销游戏的组织提供快速周转的咨询服务。

2.3 Target Market: Mobile Game Users 目标市场:手机游戏用户

Our mobile games have a timely connection to current news events. We release new games within two weeks of major news stories. For example, if a politician is involved in a scandal, we can leverage one of our current game architectures and customize it with the names of people involved in the scandal and even make a comical interactive spoof out of events. If a celebrity makes a foolish comment, we access our library of features to put together a game that pokes fun at the celebrity. The mobile game user market enjoys interacting with games that give them a sense of power and excitement, allowing them in some way to live vicariously through the game.

我们的手机游戏与时事新闻及时相关。 我们会在两周内发布重大新闻故事中的新游戏。 例如,如果某个政客卷入了一场丑闻,我们可以利用我们当前的一种游戏架构,并用涉嫌丑闻的人的名字对其进行自定义,甚至可以将事件进行滑稽的交互式欺骗。 如果名人发表愚蠢的评论,我们将访问我们的功能库,以构成一款对名人取笑的游戏。 移动游戏用户市场喜欢与游戏互动,从而赋予他们力量和兴奋感,使他们能够以某种方式在游戏中生活。

2.3.1 Needs and Requirements 需求和要求

Mobile game users get tired of games quickly and are constantly looking for new games to play. With the plethora of news events always in circulation, we will target the news media so they discuss games related to the stories they are covering. The games we develop will target stories that are covered by the types of media outlets that this demographic consumes.

移动游戏用户很快就厌倦了游戏,并一直在寻找新的游戏来玩。 随着大量新闻事件的不断传播,我们将针对新闻媒体,以便他们讨论与他们所报道的故事有关的游戏。 我们开发的游戏将针对该人群消费的媒体类型所涵盖的故事。

The users in this segment also have limited financial capacity. Teens typically get their money to make game purchases from their parents, which can be in the form of gifts or allowances, or from low paying jobs. Older teens and young adults also have limited financial capacity yet choose to spend part of their disposable income on games as one of their sources of entertainment.

该细分市场的用户的财务能力也有限。 青少年通常会从父母那里获得金钱来购买游戏,这可以是礼物或津贴的形式,也可以是低薪工作的形式。 年龄较大的青少年和年轻人的财务能力也很有限,但他们选择将一部分可支配收入用于游戏,将其作为娱乐来源之一。

Very frequently, these customers talk to each other about which games they enjoy, including strategies for playing and winning. They also participate in online forums and discussion groups to gather tips and other information to help them play or to find new challenges. Additionally, they enjoy being listed as the “high score” when there is a public setting available for players. We intend to offer this public setting by allowing the customer to upload their score to our web site for each game. The highest scores will be posted, giving the player worldwide “bragging rights”. As a result, the word of mouth potential for timely games is explosive.

这些客户经常会彼此谈论自己喜欢的游戏,包括玩法和获胜策略。 他们还参加在线论坛和讨论组,以收集提示和其他信息,以帮助他们玩游戏或发现新的挑战。 此外,当有公共设置可供玩家使用时,他们喜欢被列为“高分”。 我们打算通过允许客户将每个游戏的分数上传到我们的网站来提供这种公共设置。 最高分将被公布,从而赋予全球玩家“吹牛的权利”。 结果,适时比赛的口碑潜力是爆炸性的。

2.3.2 Distribution Channels 分销渠道

iPhone games are distributed through the Appstore which is currently controlled by Apple. One of the obstacles we have to overcome is the speed with which Apple approves applications for downloading, which will be important for us since our games have a time sensitive nature to them, as they will be popular as long as a news story is in circulation.


Google’s Android offers an open source model so they will likely surpass the iPhone in the number of applications available soon. This also eliminates the need for review and allows us to post new applications quickly. As more applications come out for this device, it will gain market share. We want to be positioned so that we provide excellent games for this community.


Blackberry applications are controlled by Blackberry through Blackberry App World. Their users tend to be older and more focused on business uses for their mobile devices. Because of this, we will not focus our initial efforts on Blackberry. However, we do have the expertise to build Blackberry applications and will create custom games for this device for consulting clients who would like them.

Blackberry应用程序由Blackberry通过Blackberry App World控制。他们的用户年龄较大,并且更专注于其移动设备的业务用途。因此,我们不会将最初的精力集中在Blackberry上。但是,我们确实具有构建Blackberry应用程序的专业知识,并将为此设备创建自定义游戏,以咨询需要它们的客户。

2.3.3 Competitive Forces 竞争力

There are many mobile game developers. However, few are actual companies. Most games are developed by one person who does not have the marketing savvy to integrate advertising sponsorships into their games as we have outlined in this marketing plan. Our unique twist on the types of games is also an advantage because we will not have to spend as much time and energy thinking of the game themes – the news of the day will provide that fodder so our efforts can be concentrated on developing that real-life story into a game.

有很多手机游戏开发商。 但是,很少有真正的公司。 多数游戏是由一个不具备营销技巧的人开发的,因此我们无法像本营销计划中所概述的那样将广告赞助整合到他们的游戏中。 我们在游戏类型上的独到之处也是一个优势,因为我们不必花太多时间和精力思考游戏主题-当今的新闻将为我们提供饲料,因此我们的工作可以集中在开发真正的游戏上, 生活故事变成了游戏。

2.3.4 Communications 通讯

We will leverage social media and word of mouth for the vast majority of our marketing using platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. These platforms are widely used by the customers in our demographic market. We will make announcements via regular tweets and updates to our pages on these social platforms.

我们将使用Twitter,Facebook,Snapchat和Instagram等平台在绝大多数营销活动中利用社交媒体和口口相传。 这些平台在我们的人口统计市场中被客户广泛使用。 我们将通过常规推文发布公告,并在这些社交平台上更新我们的页面。

The newsworthy component of our mobile games also makes it enticing for traditional media to publicize a game that is related to a current news story.


We will also use our email marketing list which is comprised of people who have expressed interest in knowing when we release new games. We have segmented our email list so that we can send appropriate emails to media and different ones to actual gamers, our customers.

我们还将使用我们的电子邮件营销列表,该列表由表达了对何时发布新游戏的兴趣的人组成。 我们对电子邮件列表进行了细分,以便可以将适当的电子邮件发送给媒体,将不同的电子邮件发送给实际的游戏玩家,我们的客户。

2.3.5 Keys to Success 成功的关键

Each of our postings to social media sites will include a trackable link so we know how many people click on each post. Using online tools like link redirectors (i.e.,, and others), we can also see how many of readers and followers repost or forward such links. We will also include trackable links within our email marketing messages.


Those who click to find more information about a game will be directed to landing pages, which are web pages that contain more information about a specific game, including details and links to download the games.


These landing pages will be optimized for search engines (we have SEO, search engine optimization, expertise) so that when Internet users search on various keywords, our pages will rank highly in their search results.


Using online analytics tools, we will be able to see how many people click on various links in our media campaigns to go to the landing pages and how many click to download each game. However, online clicks cannot track users who use their mobile phone to download the apps directly, which may comprise the bulk of our downloads. For those, tracking of downloads is provided by the platform such as Appstore.


2.4 Target Market: Organizations Who Want to Reach Youth and Young Adults

Mobile game users consist of young people. Since the youth and young adult demographic is so large, it is also very lucrative. There are countless products targeting this demographic, from soda manufacturers to clothing designers to hair product companies. This segment can also consist of recruiters, which can be for military service or other jobs. Companies who already spend millions of dollars on marketing to this group are regularly looking for newer, more creative ways to reach this market to reinforce their brand and sell products.

手机游戏用户包括年轻人。 由于青年和年轻人口的人口众多,因此也是非常有利可图的。 从苏打水制造商到服装设计师再到发制品公司,有无数针对该人群的产品。 该部门也可以由征募人员组成,可以用于兵役或其他工作。 已经在此市场上花费数百万美元进行营销的公司通常会寻找更新,更具创造性的方法进入这一市场,以加强其品牌和销售产品。

2.4.1 Needs and Requirements 需求和要求

Organizations who want to reach males (and females, though it is a smaller proportion of our defined customer base) between 13 and 25 realize that this group has a lot of spending power. This age group is not yet used to saving money so they typically spend a lot of what they earn. Vice Presidents and Chief Marketing Officers of these organizations want to reach this market early and need to do so in catchy, creative ways.

希望吸引在13到25岁之间男性(和女性,虽然在我们定义的客户群中所占的比例较小)的组织意识到,这一群体具有很大的消费能力。 这个年龄段的人还不习惯存钱,因此他们通常会花费很多收入。 这些组织的副总裁和首席营销官希望尽早进入这个市场,并需要以吸引人的创新方式做到这一点。

Much to the dismay of an older generation, teens and young adults are reading less and spending more time in front of a screen, whether it be television, a computer or a mobile phone with a variety of applications. The VP or CMO needs to reach their target market where they hang out. They typically have large budgets to spend on marketing and are not afraid to try new things, as long as they show results.

令老年人沮丧的是,无论是电视,计算机还是具有多种应用程序的手机,青少年和年轻人在屏幕前的阅读减少,而在屏幕上花费的时间却更多。 副总裁或首席营销官需要进入他们闲逛的目标市场。 他们通常会在营销上花费大量预算,并且只要展示出结果就不会害怕尝试新事物。

The typical tenure of a VP or CMO is about 3 years so there is a good deal of industry churn. This is a good thing for us in the sense that when a senior executive like this leaves to go to another company and they have had a good experience with our products and services, they are likely to hire us to create similar results for them in their new position.


Our job is to make them look good to their superiors by getting them more entrenched with the demographic they are trying to reach.


2.4.2 Distribution Channels 分销渠道

Reaching senior marketing executives is typically done through a variety of means. Since we have limited resources and need to manage our finances very effectively, we will focus on two: advertising and networking. The advertising will primarily be online via search engine ads so we can see the results within days instead of not knowing whether a print ad has any effect.

聘请高级营销主管通常是通过多种方式完成的。 由于我们资源有限且需要非常有效地管理我们的财务,因此我们将专注于两个方面:广告和网络。 广告将主要通过搜索引擎广告在线投放,因此我们可以在几天内看到结果,而不用知道印刷广告是否会产生效果。

We have identified 4 trade shows and 3 conferences that these executives typically attend over the course of a year. Part of our marketing plan is to attend these events to network with these potential buyers. We also will submit responses to calls for papers to be speakers at some of the events when possible.

我们确定了这些高管通常在一年中参加的4个贸易展览和3个会议。 我们营销计划的一部分是参加这些活动,以与这些潜在买家建立联系。 在可能的情况下,我们还将针对在某些活动中发表演讲的呼吁提交回应。

2.4.3 Competitive Forces 竞争力

As with the mobile game user segment, there are a lot of software developers targeting organizations to build custom games. Some are developing games overseas at lower costs. Even some of the larger domestic companies outsource portions of their game development. In order to keep up with pricing pressures, we have established ties with two overseas organizations to help us with game development. That will enable our domestic staff to focus on marketing and on project management as we release new games and create the game component libraries.

与移动游戏用户细分市场一样,有很多软件开发人员将组织定位为组织来定制游戏。 有些正在以较低的成本在海外开发游戏。 甚至一些大型的国内公司也将其游戏开发的部分外包。 为了跟上价格压力,我们与两个海外组织建立了联系,以帮助我们进行游戏开发。 当我们发布新游戏并创建游戏组件库时,这将使我们的家庭工作人员能够专注于营销和项目管理。

2.4.4 Communications 通讯

To get these high level executives, we will develop an online ad campaign with landing pages containing lead generation forms that visitors can fill out to get white papers on using mobile gaming to attract customers. Our white papers will include the concept of embedding advertising within the games as well as examples of custom games created just for a specific organization.

为了吸引这些高层管理人员,我们将开发一个在线广告活动,其登陆页面包含潜在客户生成表格,访问者可以填写这些表格以获得使用移动游戏吸引客户的白皮书。 我们的白皮书将包括在游戏中嵌入广告的概念,以及仅针对特定组织创建的自定义游戏的示例。

We also will network at major trade shows and conferences, including obtaining speaking engagements where we can discuss case studies to expose our concepts and strategies to the right level of buyer.


2.4.5 Keys to Success 成功的关键

The primary key to success is to be able to show case studies in which other companies leveraged the power of mobile games to reach their market. This can be tracked using metrics such as the number of times a gamer clicked on an ad embedded into a game, the number of times a custom game was downloaded or an increase in sales of the product being promoted. Success can also be tracked by industry buzz.


For example, fast-food chain Burger King created a Facebook application that allowed users to earn points for “unfriending” one of their friends. The application would show the image of the friend burning. Upon burning 10 friends, the user would be entitled to a free burger. Word of this application spread very quickly and quite a few Facebook users enjoyed participating. This campaign did two things: generated traffic into restaurants and generated a tremendous amount of media buzz. It cost significantly less than a paid advertising campaign involving television time purchases.

例如,快餐连锁店汉堡王(Burger King)创建了一个Facebook应用程序,该应用程序允许用户通过“取消好友”之一而获得积分。该应用程序将显示朋友燃烧的图像。烧掉10个朋友后,用户将有资格获得免费汉堡。该应用程序的单词很快传播开来,相当多的Facebook用户喜欢参与。这项运动有两件事:吸引饭店流量,并引起大量媒体关注。它的成本大大低于涉及购买电视时间的付费广告活动。

Marketing Plan模板—— 3.0 Marketing Plan Strategy 营销计划策略

marketing plan模板 7P

Gamers like to share notes with other gamers. On our website, we will create a forum where people can post and respond to comments freely as well as offer suggestions for new games.

玩家喜欢与其他玩家分享笔记。 在我们的网站上,我们将创建一个论坛,人们可以在该论坛上自由发表和评论,并提供有关新游戏的建议。

Forums will require registration and users who post more frequently will be rewarded with a special tag, a gold star, next to their avatar to show other users that they are a “super contributor” to the forums. For our demographic, this is a badge of honor that they try to attain proudly.

论坛将需要注册,发布频率更高的用户将在其头像旁边获得一个特殊的标签,即金星,以向其他用户表明他们是该论坛的“超级贡献者”。 对于我们的人群来说,这是他们努力获得的荣誉徽章。

3.1 Emphasize Creativity, Service and Speed to Market


Since our games will be tied to current news events, we will emphasize our focus on creativity along with spectacular service and speed of development for our consulting clients. It is important for us to get to market quickly in order to capitalize on the news event that is associated with the game. The longer the delay between game conception and game release, the less the penetration of that game.

由于我们的游戏将与当前新闻事件联系在一起,因此我们将着重于我们的创造力以及为咨询客户提供出色的服务和发展速度。 对于我们来说,重要的是要迅速进入市场,以便利用与游戏相关的新闻事件。 游戏概念与发布之间的延迟时间越长,该游戏的渗透性就越小。

3.2 Emphasize Fun 强调乐趣

Our goal is to establish a reputation for games that poke fun at what many would consider humorous or ridiculous actions by well-known people. Each game will contain a link to our web site where users can find out about more games and subscribe to our email list and follow us on social media.

我们的目标是在那些因许多人认为知名人士的幽默或荒谬行为而取笑的游戏中建立声誉。 每个游戏都将包含指向我们网站的链接,用户可以在其中找到更多游戏,并订阅我们的电子邮件列表,并在社交媒体上关注我们。

Additionally, to help promote games via word of mouth, each game has the option to notify a friend. So, a user can send a text message to a friend instantly to share their excitement or recommendation about the game.

此外,为了帮助通过口口相传来推广游戏,每个游戏都可以选择通知朋友。 因此,用户可以立即向朋友发送文本消息,以分享他们对游戏的兴奋或推荐。

Marketing Plan模板—— 4.0 Expense Budget Summary 费用预算摘要

Marketing Plan模板 Monthly Expense Budget

Marketing expenses are mostly for staff required to do the marketing activities listed. The vast majority of the software tools needed to implement the activities, such as analytics and landing page creation, are available for free. The exceptions to this are for specific tools like email marketing and forums.

营销费用主要用于进行所列营销活动所需的人员。 实施活动所需的绝大多数软件工具(例如分析和登录页面创建)都是免费提供的。 特定的工具(例如电子邮件营销和论坛)除外。

4.1 Expense Budget by Month – Year 1 按月划分的支出预算-第一年

We do not expect an increase in marketing staff requirements during year 1 because one person can actually do a lot of these activities. Once they have put marketing plan processes into place, the marketing activities upkeep becomes easier and can be handled by junior staff. Below is a breakdown of marketing expenses by month for year 1.

我们预计第一年市场营销人员的需求不会增加,因为一个人实际上可以做很多这样的活动。 一旦他们制定了营销计划流程,营销活动的维护将变得更加容易,并且可以由初级员工来处理。 以下是第1年每月的营销费用明细。

4.2 Expense Budget by Year 年度支出预算

We anticipate second and third year marketing expenses to increase, again mostly for covering the cost of additional staff to help facilitate the additional requirements for marketing activities. We expect sales and marketing expenses to be around 15% of total sales.

我们预计第二年和第三年的营销费用将会增加,这主要是为了支付额外人员的费用,以帮助促进对营销活动的额外需求。 我们预计销售和营销费用将占总销售额的15%左右。

Marketing Plan模板—— 5.0 Sales Forecast 销售预测

marketing plan模板 sales forecast

Sales will come from three sources:


Game downloads – this includes free and paid downloads. The free downloads are monetized from embedded advertising sponsorships

游戏下载-包括免费和付费下载。 免费下载是通过嵌入式广告赞助获利的。

Embedded Advertising Sponsorships – ads embedded in both free and paid games


Custom games developed for companies – this would be consulting projects to develop iPhone, Blackberry and Android promotional games


Sales costs relate to the fees charged by our channel partners for carrying the games, such as Appstore, or for our estimated costs for staff to sell ad sponsorships or develop custom games.


5.1 Sales Forecast by Month – Year 1 按月划分的销售预测-第一年

Below is our first year’s sales forecast broken down by product type, estimated unit pricing and costs:


Marketing Plan模板—— 6.0 Progress Measurement and Monitoring 进度测量与监控

In order to make sure that we are on track, we have created a variety of key metrics that we will measure on a regular basis. These may require adjustments and fine tuning as we progress. They are our best estimates based on currently available market research.

为了确保我们步入正轨,我们创建了各种关键指标,并将定期对其进行衡量。 随着我们的进步,这些可能需要调整和微调。 它们是根据当前可用的市场研究得出的最佳估计。

6.1 Key Marketing Metrics

We estimate that 1 of every 10 people who visit the landing page will download a game. Other metrics include the average sale price estimated based on paid downloads as well as sales of advertising sponsorships and custom game development.

我们估计访问登录页面的每10个人中就有1个人会下载游戏。 其他指标包括根据付费下载估算的平均销售价格,以及广告赞助和定制游戏开发的销售。

6.2 Other Success Metrics 其他成功指标

Other key metrics we will measure to monitor our success are as follows:

Number of speaking engagements

Five star game reviews

Industry awards

Number of games developed

Number of game feature libraries created

Number of deals with channel partners

Email list size









We will also pay attention to the number of tweets we make and the number of followers on Twitter as well as the number of Facebook fans we get. Below is a breakdown of other success metrics by month for year 1:

我们还将关注我们发布的推文数量,Twitter上的关注者数量以及获得的Facebook粉丝数量。 以下是第一年按月划分的其他成功指标的细分:

Marketing Plan模板—— 7.0 Marketing Organization 营销组织

Mobile News Games is a small company with very focused aspirations. Our team is comprised of two unique individuals who have a solid background in mobile communications and marketing. Together with a team of local and international software development staff, we are able to bring to market a wide array of unique mobile games that provide an experience that other gaming companies do not.

Mobile News Games是一家志向远大的小型公司。 我们的团队由两个在移动通信和营销方面具有扎实背景的独特人士组成。 与本地和国际软件开发团队一起,我们能够将各种独特的手机游戏推向市场,这些游戏提供了其他游戏公司所无法提供的体验。

Bill Philips, President, oversees the general management, including game development, of MNG. Prior to forming the company, he was Vice President of Products at a major wireless telecommunications provider for 5 years. He is also a member of the Mobile Marketing Association.

总裁比尔·菲利普(Bill Philips)负责MNG的总体管理,包括游戏开发。 在组建公司之前,他曾在一家主要的无线电信提供商任职5年,担任产品副总裁。 他还是移动营销协会的成员。

Donna Paster, VP Marketing, is responsible for all areas of marketing. She co-founded MNG with Bill Philips. Donna’s prior experience includes developing the key marketing plan that launched several mobile versions of games for a large video game producer. Donna will be assisted by 2 marketing interns hired from local universities as co-op students throughout the year. These students will handle the more routine aspects of the marketing efforts while Donna focuses on the key strategic relationships.

市场营销副总裁Donna Paster负责市场营销的所有领域。 她与比尔·飞利浦(Bill Philips)共同创立了MNG。 Donna的先前经验包括制定关键的营销计划,该计划为一家大型视频游戏生产商推出了多个移动版本的游戏。 一年中,唐娜将得到当地大学聘请的2名营销实习生作为合作学生的协助。 这些学生将处理营销工作中更多常规的方面,而Donna则专注于关键的战略关系。


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