Geometry Help Volume of a Triangular Prism
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Math Help: How to Find the Volume of a Triangular Prism

triangular prisms

A triangular prism has rectangular sides and an equilateral triangle as base, as you can see above. Volume is the maximum quantity a three dimensional closed-shape can hold. Therefore, the maximum quantity a triangular prism can contain is called volume of a triangular prism. As volume is calculated of three dimensional shapes only, the unit volume is always expressed in cubic units. In this case, we’ll use inches here.

volume of a triangular prism example

Look at this. Imagine someone just gave this to you, and you wanted to find out exactly how much sweet, sweet chocolate was contained inside. You would therefore need to find the triangular prism volume! How would you do it? What formulas would you use?  How do you find the volume of a shape? Once again, we can count on Geometry to save us. We look at this and see a long triangular box just waiting to be opened. The mathematicians of the world see this as a prism.

How To Find The Volume

Like the volume of a cone, the volume of any triangular prism can be calculated very easily! We already know this formula for the area of a triangle:

formula triangle area

We can calculate the area of the triangle base. Let’s say that in this case, b = 4, and h = 3. Simply calculate ½ times 4, which is 2, and then multiply that by 3, and you get 6 as your answer. Or connect with a tutor for some equations homework help on this and similar questions.

Then, we go to our triangular prism volume formula, which is:

trinagualr prism volume formula

To find the volume of our tasty triangular prism, we take what we’ve just done and multiply that by the length of the prism. Let’s say that L = 9. We would do 6 X 9, which equals 54. And that’s it! The volume of the Toblerone bar is 54 cubic inches!


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