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Helicopter Parenting: Being Overprotective can Help and Hurt Your Child

We’ve all seen that overprotective parent at least once in our lives: the one who volunteers to supervise every field trip, or whose children have never lifted a finger to do a chore. If you’ve never encountered said parent, you probably are one. While you may get some snide looks from those who take a more relaxed approach to parenting, you know you’re trying to look out for your child’s best interests. Nonetheless, it pays to take a leaf out of the free-ranger’s book more often than not. A child who’s too sheltered will turn into an adult who’s too anxious to step out of his or her comfort zone and achieve real success. Keep reading to find out the benefits and setbacks of helicopter parenting.

Helicopter Parenting Pro: Your child feels secure.helicopter parenting_family support

Children of older generations have often reported that their relationships with their parents felt conditional, or relied solely on achievements parents found worthy. By being involved in every aspect of your child’s life (especially their growth in understanding statistics, seriously!), he or she receives constant reassurance that you will always be ready and willing to love and support them.

Helicopter Parenting Con: Your child will not be able to survive independently.

If you’ve intervened in every aspect of your child’s life, he or she will not know what to do when the time comes to act of their own accord. After all, how can you expect your child to solve a disagreement with a peer or change a tire if you’ve always done it for him or her? Give your child space to learn and make mistakes; he or she will come to you if help is needed. You can find out more parenting tips here.

Helicopter Parenting Pro: Your child will provide you with the same care and attention as you grow older.helicopter parenting_parenting skills

An old saying claims that parenting is a thankless job, but a child who receives unconditional love and support will undoubtedly feel grateful and be more likely to treat you the same way. Seniors are prone to isolation as they become less active, but a well-loved child will ensure that’s never the case.

Helicopter Parenting Con: Your child will never become a critical thinker or take necessary risks.helicopter parenting_how to be a good parent

If you teach your child that your way is always the right way, he or she will never be able to think for him or herself and decide what’s truly best. You may think you have everything figured out, but your child will never form unique opinions or answer important questions about the world at large if he or she doesn’t stray from the path you’ve laid out.

No parent is perfect, and every single one worries about their children, but take a breath and think before you swoop in to save your child from learning to act independently. It’s normal for a child to take a few tries to correctly iron a shirt or pump gas. If it won’t hurt him or her to make a mistake, it won’t hurt you to stand by and let him or her gain valuable learning experiences.

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