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Two Things to Think About When Choosing The Right Tutor

Updated December 17, 2022

Choosing the right tutor isn’t an exact science, but there are some things you can do to make sure things go smoothly. First, add context when posting your question. The more complicated your question, the more context your tutor will need in order to help you. Common things to add beyond the question itself are:

  • class notes
  • syllabus
  • relevant links/readings that relate to your question

Once you have those details in place, you can post a question and start messaging tutors. They will offer a price to help you. You can learn how question posting works in detail if you want. Finally, for picking a tutor, there are a few details to look out for. Look for someone who has proven experience and engages you with task-related conversation.

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StudyGate Tutors Offer Proven Reliability

Every tutor has had a background check on StudyGate to verify their expertise before their account gets approved. Most of them have a master’s degree in their subject of choice, but once they enter StudyGate, all tutors begin with zero reputation. If you’re just browsing, you can search for top tutors based on subject by going to the browse tutors page. If you want to see who has recently been helping on StudyGate, you can check our recent reviews. We use a ranking system to measure tutors so you know how much success someone has had in the platform.

StudyGate Tutors Offer Expert Knowledge at an Affordable Price

Usually, the less experience a tutor has on StudyGate, the less they will charge. To verify expertise once you post a question and tutors start messaging you, you can view their StudyGate reputation by clicking their profile in the chat inbox:

This helps measure a tutor’s reputation based on on-time delivery rate and experience with past students based on specific subject areas.

Look for tutors who ask detailed questions about your work and discuss project details before the budget. Often, their expertise may go beyond the scope of the coursework you are working on, so it’s important for them to understand exactly what you are (and are not) focusing on. For more information on getting tutors to help, check out these question post strategies.

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