A way to get answers to your questions. The format of CPM is very different from most classes and takes some time to adjust. But this doesn’t mean you can afford to let your GPA slip. You have plans for the future, and getting good grades will help you achieve those goals. Our tutors know this and want to help you succeed.

StudyGate wants to provide the help you need at the most affordable prices possible. Here is our cost structure:

  • One question that can be answered in an hour or less runs $1 to $20
  • A worksheet with several questions costs between $20 and $100
  • A project starts at $100 and increases appropriately

Our experts have a lot of experience in teaching and tutoring. They can explain math terms and problem-solving techniques in a way that’s fun. As for specific homework problems, they’ll review the question and then show you step by step how to solve it. When you go into class the next day, you’ll feel more confident in your abilities.

Although it may not seem like it right now, homework is actually a great way to help you learn. It reinforces daily lessons and gives you a chance to review concepts on your own time. Again, we know this is hard to currently see, but implementing strong homework practices today will only help you in college. You’ll already have great time management skills and be familiar with meeting deadlines.

StudyGate doesn’t always complete homework for students; instead, we provide answers to your questions so you can do the homework yourself. This help can be highly beneficial for students falling behind or who don’t yet understand certain concepts. And our CPM homework helpers are kind and patient; you’ll never feel too intimidated to ask questions.

In a typical math class, a teacher stands before his or her students and completes practice problems as the students watch. Many people consider this an ineffective way to learn because students are not engaged. In CPM, however, students form groups and complete the problems themselves, without teacher interference.

CPM homework is slightly different from, say, traditional algebra homework. Students are asked to complete review problems focused not on that day’s lessons, but on previous lessons. The goal is to encourage repetitive work so the material makes sense and students can successfully move forward.

Because the teacher provides little direction, some people question whether or not CPM is the best way for students to learn math. They fear a lack of explanation causes confusion and that some groups of students spend the class time talking rather than working problems.

From StudyGate. We answer your homework questions and are also available for online tutoring sessions. This is a great opportunity to get one-on-one assistance in a friendly, relaxed environment.