time management for college students
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Best Time Management Tips for College Students

One of the most exciting prospects for upcoming college freshmen is the freedom to plan their own schedules. The days of sitting in high school classes for 8 hours and being forced to do your homework the second you get home from school are long over, but too many college students still find themselves cramming for exams three hours beforehand, or falling asleep over their study guides in the library. The secret is having killer study time management for college students; a true master will have time to study, go to the gym, binge-watch Netflix with friends, and still get their recommended 8 hours a night. Check out these tips to get the most out of your day without wasting a second.

Time Management Tip 1: Prioritize

time management for college students_prioritizeAs a college student, your number one priority should always be your academics. College is not free like high school, nor is anyone forcing you to attend; if you chose to pay for and pursue higher education, you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t put your full effort into your classes. Take time to complete your homework fully as soon as you get it, and write out notes gradually as the semester goes on; cramming is long known to be more stressful than effective, and it will definitely take time out of your required sleep schedule.

Time Management Tip 2: Remember That You’re not a Robot

Academics should be your first priority, but they shouldn’t be your entire life. College is also meant to grow students socially and emotionally, so after you’ve finished your homework, incorporate activities into your routine that you enjoy, or introduce you to people you’ve never met before. You’re not a machine wired to churn out study guides for hours a day without rest; you have to give yourself room to develop every side of you. Study skills are important, but you’ll often find that you’ll learn as much as you do from the library as you do from getting outside of your comfort zone and growing as a person.

Time Management Tip 3: Forgive Yourself

time management for college students_forgive yourselfNo one knows your body and mind like you do, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s okay to deviate from your usual schedule to practice some self-love. If you’ve studied for hours every night this week, get some extra Z’s and sleep on Saturday morning. If soccer practice has worn your body out this season, take a day or two off to be lazy and eat some junk food. There’s an exception to every rule, so don’t beat yourself up for straying from the path once in a blue moon.

College is often so different from anything you’ve ever experienced that it’s difficult to not get caught up in all its facets all at once. Not every day will go exactly as you plan, but if you create good habits for yourself that allow you to dedicate a few hours to academics and socializing a day, you’ll be well-prepared and well-rested enough for anything that comes your way. For more information, check out these 5 tips for how to succeed in school.