Benefits of Playing Guitar
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How to Play Guitar to Improve Math Word Problems

As the budget for education gets tighter and tighter, many schools have considered eliminating music and art classes to make way for test preparation courses in the hopes of acquiring higher student scores. However, in addition to taking away opportunities for students to be creative and express themselves, several studies have shown that students who play guitar or other musical instruments are actually more likely to achieve higher grades or test scores in areas like math or science. Check out these crucial ways regular jam sessions contribute to regular ease in your classes.

Benefits of Playing Guitar #1: Students who play instruments more readily adapt to different teaching styles.

In order to perfect their craft, musicians have to make good use of almost all of their senses while visualizing finger placements, listening for the correct pitch or tune, and physically manipulating their instrument. While the average student has a dominant sense that helps them acquire and retain the most information, students who are musically inclined know how to effectively use more than one so that they can adapt to the teacher who lectures without notes, or the one who only assigns projects. You’ll spend less time making sure you have all the information you need, and more time making sure you understand it.

Benefits of Playing Guitar #2: Musical instruction can increase blood flow to the brain’s left hemisphere.

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There are many reasons that playing guitar is good for you. For the second point, playing guitar makes you smarter. The right side of the brain, which deals with creativity, imagination, and emotions, is thought to be the only hemisphere affected by practicing music and the arts, but studies have shown that this is not always the case. The brain’s left hemisphere deals with logic, facts, and sequences, and increased blood flow can fine-tune your ability to solve problems and memorize formulas. Flying across the piano keys can scientifically help you fly through your times tables! To improve your thinking skills, we recommend getting music homework help for guitar lessons or any other topic you need.

Benefits of Playing Guitar #3: Brain functions like flexibility and memory increase from playing musical instruments.

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Students who practice their instruments have often show they can switch gears from task to task more easily than their peers who aren’t musical, which leads to less time trying to refocus from history to trigonometry and more time hanging out with your friends. It’s also been found that memorizing your scales can translate to an easier time memorizing facts, dates and equations. You can also more easily impress your friends while playing guitar at parties.

The ideal age for students to start learning to play an instrument is around 7 or 8, but people of all ages can benefit from picking up something as small as a ukulele. You won’t regret it!