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Amazing Strategies to Market Yourself as an Online Tutor

Personally and professionally we all want to shine in this world. Success is often measured in terms of recognition and exposure. We cannot all be famous, but some acknowledgment for the skills we possess and for what we have achieved go a long way toward filling the need we seem to have to feel accomplished, or even admired. In the digital marketplace, financial rewards also come from greater online attention.

The internet presents many opportunities to get your name out there. Yet without a clear strategy, it is just as easy to become obscured by the veritable flood of information and personalities online all clamoring for attention. Probably no magic formula exists beyond having endless financial resources, great agents, and publishers, or hiring an ingenious search engine optimist who can move your website to the top of Google’s queue.

However, having an agile method to improve your online presence can help you improve business as you gain financial independence as an online tutor. Here are some simply amazing strategies that may give you an edge in the world of online tutoring.

Recognize your value and potential

To start, good tutors know how to market themselves to students. Confidence matters whether in person or online. Find an area to specialize in and build experience, credentials, and a personal appreciation for your own value. People gravitate toward those with competence, and from a communication style that comes from knowing what you are good at. This reveals itself in how you correspond and communicate online or in real life.

Exploit a niche market

The web can be mesmerizing and bewildering, but it is not complete. Look beyond the volume of information and find angles that differentiate you from the competition. This is where opportunities lie. People find success every day recognizing what is not available there, as opposed to what already exists. Do some research on your competition, and recognize how they market themselves. Seek areas to concentrate on that others have overlooked.

Network through various channels and social media sites

online tutors_social mediaMany social media sites exist beyond Facebook and Twitter, believe it or not. Wikipedia lists 213. Others might include Minds, which is free and secure, and Ning, which a paid platform, for general social networking. But also Upwork and even Craigslist posts can draw new clients in. The Italki platform connects language learners with native speakers. Individual countries and regions use specific sites if you want to venture into foreign markets. Renren, of China, Mixi, of Japan, and Twoo, in the Spanish-speaking world are popular. Using existing connections help, but also leveraging your current students to spread the word can move your name across different networks. Obviously, LinkedIn is a go-to site for business-related networking, but others are available. But beyond this, it may matter more what you post as far as content than directly soliciting clients on social media sites, which can be perceived as a put-off.

Create a website or blog site and promote it

If you have the computer skills to build your own site from WordPress or other sites, this is great. If you don’t, many online custom portfolio sites exist that will build one for you that is user-friendly. Portfolios are becoming valuable because employers ask for them. But also they can be a resource to show clients that you know your business. Publish articles and insights of interest in your field to let them know you are serious and engaged. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) writing is an art and science that can be acquired. Keep up on the latest development and strategies to improve your chances of staying up at the top of search engine. People normally do not scroll through multiple pages.

Publish in your fieldonline tutors_publish

Publishing opportunities are more available now than ever before. It may take some time to develop relationships with any of the top journals or magazines in your field. But other venues are easier to get your foot in the door. Publishing articles allows you the credibility clients and parents look for. Once you have a few articles under your belt, with by-lines, you can add them to your portfolio or send them along to potential clients to assure them of your expertise. This is especially important for online math tutors working in a competitive subject.

Create a series of tutorial videos on the subject

Youtube has a shortage of good tutorials in the academic fields. The ones online are often amateur in quality and not terrific, with a few good ones interspersed. Khan Academy YouTube videos have become a model for the potential of this type of work. Personality and quality presentations are a great way to grow your reputation.

Work for an established tutoring agencyonline tutors_online tutoring website

Registering for an online tutoring agency or academic services company will instantly give you credibility and allow you to hone your skills through the experience. Depending on your persistence, skill, and ambitions, it can become a solid revenue source. The advantage of working for an agency is that they take care of much of the marketing for you. You will be able to focus on building up your reputation and network within an established system. You will also feel like you are part of a community, while at the same still maintaining your status as a freelance or independent tutor.

Obviously, all of these strategies involve constant work and development. Yet money is out there to be made simply when students need extra science homework help. Reaching them, letting them know that you are qualified and available involves a bit more effort. But whether you tutor full time or as a side venture while you write your next great novel, or finish that Master’s Degree, opportunities are there for the taking in the digital tutoring world.