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The Difference Between A Students and C Students: Why Getting Cs Might Be Better for You

The difference between an A student and a C student seems like a big deal. A students get awards and scholarships to keep studying. The grade certainly gets more important as you get older. However, grades are more often a reflection of mentality towards cooperating with the system established your teacher.

Some of the world’s most famous scientists were historically poor students. This includes Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein. So it’s too simplistic to assume that the difference between an A student and a C student is intelligence.

Instead of assuming that A is good and C is bad, what would happen if we reverse that question? What does a C student look like that could be an actual advantage over their peers with higher GPAs?

C students don’t assume the teacher and the textbook are correct

C students question commonly accepted assumptions. Some of the world’s greatest startup founders grew grew their into a household name because they refused to assume what everyone else took for granted. If you’re getting a C, it could mean you are willing to view things as they truly are and question assumptions instead of following what everyone else accepts.

C students take time to enjoy life

Many adults work hard in careers where they focus on economizing every minute of every day, but it’s alright to stop and smell the roses. It’s healthy to appreciate life, and sometimes success-driven A students can miss this in their quest for GPA excellence. This is especially true if they are still in high school focused on studying for their ACT exam all the time

C students think about the future

An A student is someone who reacts to the requirements set by their teacher so they can get provide an appropriate response in the present and get a good grade. C students can imagine what the future could look like and follow their imagination instead. They trade a short-come outcome for a worldview that could be super valuable in 5-10 years.

C students hate the 5-paragraph essay

Let’s face it: no one reads a 5-paragraph essay unless they are in school. The truth is that your ability to use English will represent the limits of the world around you. The research process it teaches may be valuable, but the format is useful only for getting As. C students find more creative ways to express their points through extensive reading.

C students have bumps and scars, and that’s a good thing

First, if you experience bullying you should speak with a trusted adult. That is not the kind of bump and scar we are talking about here! Instead, the bumps and scars are the failures, frustrations, and bad grades that keep your grade at a C. These are not simply good stories to tell friends later on. A C gives you the opportunity to develop your character and resolve to really do something instead of fitting into the “good student” mold.

Not all C students are equal

If you are getting Cs, spend most of your time playing Fortnite, and scroll through Instagram for hours a day, it might be better to focus on getting As. At least then it will be easier to get a nice job later and have time to play.

The big secret adults don’t tell you is that life later on can be extremely easy for you if you work hard while you are young. But if you do not work hard now, life will be much harder when you get older.

So if you are getting Cs and think critically about the world, take heart! There is more to life than grades.