What services does StudyGate offer?

StudyGate offers three services:

  1. Get Quick Answers: Post questions related to your homework. Tutors submit a price and turnaround time for the tasks, which you can accept after choosing your preferred tutor.
  2. Online Tutoring: Meet with your tutor in an online video chat with whiteboard. Tutors answer your questions and you can work on assignments together. StudyGate charges by the minute for live tutoring.
  3. Study Group:  Meet up with your classmates through personalized study with me sessions. This tool is free to use.

How do I post a homework question?

Log in to your StudyGate account. On the dashboard, you will see three options in the middle of your screen. Click “Get Answers Now” and follow the instructions to post your question.

How do I talk to someone about my homework?

Log in to StudyGate. Click “Start Learning Now” on the dashboard, and follow the instructions. Be sure to choose the day and time you would like to meet with your tutor and click “Submit.”

What is your academic honesty policy?

You can find our complete academic honesty policy here.

StudyGate tutors may not:

  • Take tests or quizzes for students.
  • Write papers for students.

It is acceptable to complete an assignment for a student if the task meets at least one of the following conditions:

  • It involves math or computer science.
  • The student needs a quick solution.
  • Your assistance could position the client to learn something about the subject.

How does bidding work on StudyGate?

When you post a question, you include a budget that tells tutors what you can afford to pay. The tutors see this budget and let you know they’re interested by placing a bid in this range and offering to complete within a specific amount of time. Then, you confirm the bid of the tutor you want to work with and pay the amount they have bid for.

How do I pay my tutor?

Make sure you have entered payment information in your student profile. After you confirm a bid on Homework Help, StudyGate holds your payment until the task is complete. The tutor is paid only after you approve their answer. With Live Tutoring, StudyGate keeps track of how long your tutoring session is and pays the tutor according to their hourly tutoring rate.

What is the StudyGate wallet? Why do I need it?

You can deposit funds into your StudyGate wallet to be used for future tutoring sessions and questions. When you accept a bid, the money is held in your wallet until the question is confirmed. This way, you can select the wallet as an easy option to control exactly how much you intend to pay for each service.


I'm confused. How does this system work?

First, you log in and post a question about what you need. If it’s answers you need, choose Get Quick Answers. If you want to meet with a tutor, choose Online Tutoring. After you post, wait for tutor bids to arrive and choose the one you want. For Get Quick Answers, simply wait for the tutor to submit their answer and either Approve or Dispute it. For Online Tutoring, you only need to click “Start Live Session” when you and your tutor are ready to meet.

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How do I delete my StudyGate account?

You can always deactivate your account until you’re ready to return by sending a request to service@studygate.com. If you decide that you want to close your account permanently, you may request that as well.