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Is Statistics Homework Bad for You?

Statistics is one of the most commonly requested subjects for homework help on StudyGate, so we know it is really hard. To survive statistics, we recommend the following strategies:

  1. Don’t show it, prove it. Teachers care more about what you can demonstrate than what you can regurgitate. In addition to that silly rhyme, they’re also going to cringe if you write a linear regression equation in calculator commands.

  2. Write out the whole decimal. Rounding numbers off numbers too quickly causes unnecessary risk for a cumulative rounding error that will affect the final answer. Hint: It will be wrong.

  3. ✏️ Practice your drawing skills. Boxplots, histograms, and stem plots look really nice on your graphing calculator, but there will come a time on an exam to draw those things out. Pocket printers probably won’t be an option.

We belief students should have to wait for help, so you won’t need to get an appointment for statistics support. You do need to make sure the person who gives that help knows what they’re talking about.

Detailed Statistics Homework Strategies for University Students

Is the statistics expert friendly and approachable? Do they care about your success and cheer you on? That’s the kind of tutor that will do the most to help you really understand Z-scores or whatever else it is you’re working on.

  1. 😍 your calculator. Read the manual on your calculator to figure out how to use it quickly to get major homework benefit. Even better, get a PDF of the manual to perform keyword searches as you work through your homework. If you get stuck on scatterplots, you can skip straight to that section for the details. Here’s the PDF to the TI-36X, recently named the best statistics calculator by
  2. Keep your terms straight. For example, a median is not the same as a mean. Median is the middle value in the data set. Mean is commonly understood as the average. A scatter plot uses Cartesian coordinates to show data on dual variables. In contrast, a residual plot determines whether a linear or non-linear model is most appropriate. Correlation coefficients measure the correspondence between two different variables. Here 1 correlates and -1 shows an imperfect match. The slope of least-squares regression lines measures the value of r2 where 0 indicates the line does not correlate with the data. 1 suggests a perfect fit. This won’t give you less homework, but it will help you do it faster so you can live your life.

You can find a statistics tutor for homework help now by posting your question using the field at the top of this page. It’s free to post the question.

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