Honor Code

We expect users to act with academic integrity, and StudyGate is not an essay writing service. StudyGate is designed so students can quickly get answers to their homework along with the insights needed to understand those answers.
If you’re representing someone else’s ideas as your own, you’re not bothering to learn the material yourself. You’ve paid a great deal for tuition, and cheating erodes the value of your education. You’re really cheating yourself in the end.
Second, you will likely get caught. Many universities leverage sophisticated technologies to scan for plagiarized material in student-submitted work. We are an online database, and therefore StudyGate materials are often crawled by these content monitoring tools. We’re even going out of our way to make sure that they are.
Third, the consequences are severe, and for many institutions, convictions of academic dishonesty can result in probation, suspension, or even expulsion.
Therefore, anyone who misuses our site for the express purpose of cheating and/or claiming another user’s content as their own will be met with appropriate action.

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