Academic Honesty Policy

StudyGate is designed to provide homework help, not homework completion services.

By logging into the StudyGate platform, tutors and students agree to interact in such a way so as to advance learning and not seek shortcuts via cheating. StudyGate defines cheating as taking a test for someone else whether in real-time or otherwise, ghostwriting a student’s paper, directly fulfilling assignments on behalf of a student, or otherwise helping students in such a way that responsibility for their learning progress is compromised. Tutors and students agree to use StudyGate in ways that fulfill the requirements of the student’s academic integrity policy at their current institution of learning. Failure to conform with these requirements will result in account termination.

Ultimately, we are concerned with the spirit of the question. If the student makes it clear that the learning is secondary to the solution, we reserve the right to reject any and all service offerings.

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