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Why Parents Dislike Common Core

Everyone knows that common core is hard, but what’s the best way to approach getting help? To get help, here are the steps to make sure that your teen’s homework goes as smoothly as possible. Common core consists of specific competencies that need to be met in each subject from English to Math. Teachers follow a rubric, but common core gets especially harsh criticism for its rubric approach to math.
Take this 2nd grade common core homework question as an example: 8 + 5 = 13. Common Core deals with abstract concepts. The goal is to break down the 5 so that you can make a 10 out of 8. So you take 2 away from 5 and add it to 8 to make 10. You still have 3 left over. Add that to 10 to get the sum of 13. Common core breaks down the mental math by using base pairings of 10, and the effect is clear. But it doesn’t always work out this smoothly, and sometimes students need homework help.
The truth is that most people in a position to address common core standards like to criticize the program. They also dislike the politicians responsible for having implemented the system in the first place. The expectation for Common Core homework was that it represented an opportunity to take learning to a higher level. Students could expect to engage in a set of rigorous college-ready international standards that could prepare children to compete in a global economy. However, many people are upset that children are expected to skip rote memorization of multiplication tables. They believe that this hinders the ability of the child to master long division and fractions.

What Common Core is Designed Achieve

Students that could previously test in the 80th and 90th percentile on standardized testing now experience failure and much lower results. This results in less funding to the school districts, and the issue has the potential to snowball.
Of course, the main concern from an school administrator starts with parity. Too many states implement their own unique standards to such an extent that it’s hard to measure of students are doing well overall. Does each state have clear goals for success? Common Core is designed to solve that with clear expectations in Math and English. One huge misconception many parents have about Common Core is that it represents a curriculum. In fact, these are only standards to work by.
Regardless of how you feel about Common Core for your child, there will come a point where they need homework help. You can get that with experts who understand the system and its alternate way of thinking to make sure your child gets a good grade.

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