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Brief Tips for Surviving Chemistry

Chemistry involves studying matter and how it interacts with other matter. It follows laws that get respected all across the universe. Most scientists consider chemistry as a central science because it relates to biology and physics. For this reason, just about every college syllabus contains at least an introductory chemistry class. Pharmacists, police officers, and engineers use chemistry in their everyday work to advance their fields. And of course, scientists use chemistry to better understand how humans came into existence.
Working through chemistry homework requires the ability to apply critical thinking skills and the scientific method. There are college intro-level labs to work through such as spectroscopy, molecular geometry, and freezing point depression measurements. You’re going to need to write lab reports for each one of these. Fortunately, UNC-Chapel Hill put together a Scientific Reports tutorial that outlines the details of putting together the introduction, methods, results, and discussion sections for any lab. Also, many pre-med students find organic chemistry to be the terror of their college career with its focus on alkanes, cycloalkanes, and functional groups.
If you’re discovering that online resources don’t quite cut it, you can consider homework help through StudyGate as a tool for surviving the semester. We know this service works for reasons in the other column:

Brief Tips for Surviving Chemistry, part 2

That isn’t even half of it, we know! To survive organic chemistry, we recommend staying caught up with homework by regularly working on it every day. Organic chemistry courses move extremely quickly due to the large quantity of content required to cover. If you intend to keep up and master the content, focus on taking steps through oxygen containing compounds one day at a time instead of giant leaps through oxygen containing compounds, isomerism, and substitution reactions in aromatic compounds. Few students can keep up with that kind of rigor.
Also, work to adopt a thoughtful test-taking strategy for organic chemistry exams by scanning through the test and marking the easy questions first. These questions deserve your priority before moving on to more difficult questions that will place a strain on your time limit.

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Together, these approaches to chemistry homework should help lead you to better grades.

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