About Us

We are committed to on-demand learning.
At StudyGate, we see a world where students get left behind because they aren’t in the right office at the right hour or sit in a class among a sea of forgotten and nameless faces. Maybe you have a job and can’t find available help after work. Maybe your city or town doesn’t have an option for tutor support that is reasonably priced. Scheduling sucks sometimes. We think things can be different. And that’s why we’re here.
StudyGate is made with love in Los Angeles, but the idea came from over 10 years previous experience in education. Our mission is to make learning accessible. We are Asian and American, arts-centric and tech savvy, globally minded and locally based—committed to getting a little better at what we do each day.
Our job is to connect people. When you have a question, we have a team of tutors with their fingers ready and minds engaged, ready to answer. When you need to talk to someone about your math and biology homework or practice speaking Spanish, we’ve got that covered too. If you’re a talented educator tired of lecturer jobs and teaching through hoops, we want to get you work on your terms. Each time we do those things, we empower a new generation of students to redefine how they learn.
This is a digital study space. This is a virtual classroom. This is StudyGate.

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