4 Advanced Marketing Techniques (Experienced Tutors Only)

Updated August 7, 2019

Shock your student with an early answer

Students go absolutely berserk when an answer is late. Instead, surprise them by delivering early instead of just on time, free of charge. Then message them with something like, “Hi, I know this answer is due tonight, but I wanted to get it to you ahead of time so you could look things over.” They will love you forever 💚💚💚

Unleash your inner shark with an upgraded deal

Find a big project, and make a bid that ignores their budget. Then follow up with a message that says even though you have many ratings (if you do), you are currently not too busy. Then mention either a better price or faster delivery than you initially offered. Just make sure you can deliver on the offer. Otherwise you’re going to look like a jerk.

Apply the “Extra Mile” technique 🏃‍♀️

When you deliver an answer, mention that you can always help with something quick if needed in the future. You could even answer a quick question for them without their posting a question. This should only happen when delivering the answer, otherwise this approach is considered spam. The timing is best for this technique when they’re really happy about your help.

Offer discounts based on specific times of the year

If there is a holiday or fall break, share on your profile that you will offer X% off your standard rate for online tutoring sessions. Don’t be afraid to price aggressively here since tutors make the most money on StudyGate via homework help, not online tutoring. Still, offer deals for good reason and not just on random days. Want a good reason to create some buzz? Check out NationalToday.com for inspiration.