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Using a Student’s Tech Prowess During Online Tutoring

As an online tutor, your goal is to know your topic area as well as possible. However, you should know your pupil as well, including his or her preferred method of learning. Most tutors today will be working with Millennials and Generation Z member which means a serious advantage for collaborative learning through a relatively recent vehicle: technology.

Millennials were the first generation to grow up with “native technology,” a term encompassing the notion that they have never known a world without some aspect of technology. Individuals who fall into the Generation Z category have even more prowess when it comes to being comfortable in a technology-filled environment.

How can you make the most of this reality? By utilizing the best video chat apps, interactive learning sites, and other web-based and offline – but still techy – platforms.

Seek out great learning apps.

online tutoring_learning appYour students will no doubt have smartphones, which means they’re app-ready. Educational apps abound, but some of the favorites for teachers at all levels are Edmodo, Kahoot!, and Remind. For instance, if you want to send out updates to a class through a secure system, rather than to them directly, Edmodo and Remind enable you to easily make it happen. Kahoot! is more of a fun environment where you can set up competitive games and question-answer sessions to promote excitement around building knowledge.

No matter the apps you choose, lean toward ones that are no cost to the student. Many pupils are unwilling to pay for online tutoring costs in addition to apps with one-time or monthly fees.

Find a trustworthy online chat site or app.

online tutoring_video chatAlthough your students might find Facetime an acceptable place to engage in conversation, it might not be well-suited for online tutoring. Tutors prefer to have the ability to share their screens and showcase illustrative documents. Consequently, all online tutors need to find a better system that allows them to create an environment with classroom-style amenities.

A top freebie site is Bitpaper, which has plenty of options for tutors to share information with students, especially when giving statistics homework help. In addition, the picture is relatively clear and generally glitch-free since the technology has been around for a significant amount of time. Another place to start your online tutoring sessions is Wikispaces, a locale that promotes instant collaboration.

Be sure to test out any online learning platforms to learn about their tutoring rates before you offer your online tutoring service. Otherwise, you could wind up with problems during the process

Ask students about the apps and places they use.

New to the world of Millennial learners and Generation Z students? During your tutoring sessions, feel free to ask if your pupils favor one site over another. You might discover new apps and sites that could open a world of opportunity for you as an instructor.

Technology has made it possible for you to tutor anyone, anywhere, but you must take the first step. Become a world-class online tutor with an outstanding portfolio of abilities and satisfied students with a little help from the not-so-simple gadgets we all have in our pockets.


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