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Not all Tutoring Jobs are Created Equal: What to Expect From Different Tutoring Organizations

If you’ve decided you’re ready to start using your knowledge base to help others and become a tutor, great! Tutors are essential to provide students with direct, one-on-one instruction time that they may not get in a regular classroom setting. Tutoring jobs are certainly plentiful, but they’re offered by unique organizations with a specific set of requirements and tutoring rates. Check out our handy chart to help you research which organization will be the best fit for your skills and wallet.

Name of Company

In-person or online

Average Tutoring Rates

Additional Info




Approved tutors are ranked based on system activity and successful interactions with students. Tutors set their own rates and choose the subjects they wish to assist in. Direct messaging with students is possible before services are provided.


Online and In-person


Creating a Wyzant tutoring profile allows you to search for jobs by subject and location. Tutoring rates depend on the client, and the average client receives two jobs offers per week.


In-person at company centers

$13/hr. average

Tutors apply to work at Sylvan centers in their area where they meet with clients of all ages. Long-term employment can lead to promotion to center manager.



$12-15/hr. average

Tutors must be at least a college sophomore or higher to qualify. Bonuses are awarded for tutoring more difficult subject matter.

Varsity Tutors


$18/hr. average

Clients can request for tutors to work with them online or travel to their location. Bonuses can be awarded for tutoring test preparation.

Craigslist Tutoring



Craiglist allows people to post their individual job needs, so pay, availability and location all depend on the client and his or her needs.

AVID Tutoring



 AVID tutors work alongside classroom teachers to deliver college preparatory material to high school and middle school students. Enrollment in a science, math, or liberal arts degree program is required.



$20/hr. average

Chegg offers flexible tutoring options that let you tutor on your schedule and in your best subject. Tutors earn bonuses for tutoring subjects that are in high demand.

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