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How do I optimize my tutor profile picture? [Fall 2019 update]

Picking a tutor profile picture that looks like it came from your passport will not impress your students.

Here are 2 quick tips to make a tutor profile picture that will capture the attention of others:

1. Show your personality.

tutor profile picture

If you’re hair isn’t perfect, that’s ok.

Just be real and intentional with the presentation.

2. Keep it cool.

tutor profile picture

Chemists use beakers, mathematicians use calculators

Use the materials that you would use in your specialty to promote your service.

Molly Shapiro over at PicMonkey has some great ideas for optimizing your tutor profile picture:

  • Wear clothes that are appropriate for your profession. But if you feel like dressing up a bit, go for it. Going the extra mile by wearing a suit can give the impression that you’re capable and competent.
  • Smile, but don’t go overboard. You want to appear approachable and inviting without looking like you’re laughing.
  • Squinch. Yes, you heard that right. Everyone’s talking about squinching, which is basically what happens to your eyes when you smile. According to psychological research, wide eyes denote fear while slightly squinting denotes competence.
  • Experiment with angles and not just geometric angles in equations homework. Some people say shooting from above works best, but everybody has a good side. Try different angles and positions to find yours.
  • Stick with the tried and true head and shoulders shot. Close-cropped head shots can feel a little overwhelming for the viewer, and full body shots don’t work well in the confines of a small profile pic.

We don’t accept these kinds of photos:

  1. Pictures of your shoes or accessories
  2. Stock photos of a random stranger
  3. Morning pre-coffee/tea selfies in your t-shirt and sandals
  4. Images of random objects or graphics

What would your student want to see in you? The most famous Studygate tutor profile pictures have an authentic vibe and communicate positivity accompanied by great marketing.

tutor profile picturetutor profile picture

If you would like personalized tips on optimizing your profile picture, email us at <[email protected]>. If you can entertain students while you help them, you will never lack work!

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