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How to Optimize your Tutor Bio [Spring 2021 update]

Students can spot spammy content from a mile away, so the golden rule when writing a bio is to be genuine and accurate with your marketing. Get straight to the point, immediately. Don’t say you are the grand master of all subjects. Instead, tell students exactly what you can give them.

You can stop reading now and get the main point of this blog. If you optimize your tutor bio, you will tell a tight and coherent story about what you can offer students. Want to learn more?

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The YouTube videos of Pewdiepie, Casey Niestat, and elrubiusOMG are your curriculum for this crash course on how to optimize your tutor bio! Go ahead and watch at least part of those videos now.

These YouTubers teach us the one thing that students find most engaging: tight communication. Perhaps not so coincidentally, that’s what matters most in great social media profiles too.

There are two big takeaways:

  1. The content gets directly to the point within seconds. Viral videos have 0% wasted time in empty space.
  2. Each YouTuber focuses on 1 theme in 1 video, then explores it in depth.

Everyone already knows students have grown up with the Internet. This means that they have extremely sensitive bullshit filters, way more sensitive than previous generations of students.

If you want to continue, there are a few exercises based on these takeaways to help you optimize your tutor bio.

What you put into Studygate is what you’ll get out of it

Here are some prewriting steps for making your profile access as many students as possible:

1. Write down three specific things you do really well

Instead of chemistry, write stoichiometry. Instead of programming, write C++ vectors.

2. Now define the value you are going to give students

What age group do you want to help? What service do you want to provide at what speed? What experiences qualify you to provide this? What do your students care about more than anything else?

3. Finally, pick emotional adjectives that describe what you do to help

Effortless, Painstaking, Fun, Free, Incredible, Essential, Absolute, Strange. Here are some more words.

Your answers above will help to write your bio and headline. You have less than 15 seconds to capture your student’s attention, so this is the perfect opportunity to make a lasting impression.

For an alternative approach on creating a strong bio, check out this YouTube playlist with 6 steps to optimizing a bio.

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