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Online Learning: What Khan Academy Means for 21st Century Learning

Want a platform that allows students of all ages to play games, learn exam preparation strategies for tests like the GRE, and much more for free? Enter Khan Academy. Education has always evolved with society, and this website is now an amazing digital tool that stands out as an accompaniment for learning in and outside of the classroom.

online learning_khan academyOriginally founded in 2006, Khan Academy is a non-profit website that offers step-by-step instructional videos for subjects ranging from linear algebra to art history and everything in between. Students as young as kindergarten aged can watch these instructional videos, take interactive quizzes based on what they’ve learned, and look at a map of their progress in whatever subjects they choose to interact with.

Khan contains over 5,000 instructional videos, and in February 2014 alone, the website had more than 10 million registered users from all over the world. Khan Academy additionally offers test prep for the SATs and AP tests, and there’s even a section dedicated to navigating the college admission process and balancing one’s personal finances.

The truly great thing about Khan Academy is that it can builds the knowledge economy. It can be used as an additional tool to supplement school lessons at home alongside an algebra tutor and as a resource for teachers to include during class time. Teachers across the country use the website’s practice problem sets and quizzes to monitor their students’ progress and incorporate step-by-step instructional methods to ensure students know the exact path to success.khan academy_future of learningKhan Academy has also been a major tool in a revolutionary new method of education called the flipped classroom, in which students watch instructional videos at home, and come to class with their questions and concerns the next day.

Students then come to class knowing exactly what they need help with, and teachers are not rushed trying to incorporate both instructional and interactive time. In essence, the website allows students the opportunity to learn flexibly and at their own paces.

Additional practice problems are always available for those who need them, as well as more challenging ones for those who are ready to tackle the next challenge. No matter the student’s age, grade, or interest, Khan Academy is sure to offer students endless opportunities for success.

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