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Get One on One Tutoring with an Expert: A How-to Guide

You’re in the right place if you want to learn on your terms. Here’s how to start one on one tutoring with a real person.

Get One On One Tutoring Step # 1 

Sign in using Google Chrome on a computer with your StudyGate credentials.

get one on one tutoring

Step #2

Click the Post a task button in the left-hand column just under Dashboard, then click the green Live Tutoring button in the middle of the

Step #3

Fill out steps 1-3 to add detail. Tutors will start offering to meet with you.

one on one tutoring add details

Step # 4

Click My Learning on the left-hand side of the screen to find your new question number, then choose the tutor you want to work with by clicking the turquoise check mark and complete payment.

one on one tutoring studygate

Step # 5

Wow, step 4 had about 7 steps in it. This one’s super easy. Click “Start Live Session” and wait for your online math tutor (or any other subject tutor) to arrive. You can start the session as soon as you and your tutor are ready even if it is not the scheduled time. And you don’t have to make a new post for your next session.

one on one tutoring talk with an expert


You’re ready to go whenever you want to explore the live tutoring space before you get started.

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