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What is Hybrid Tutoring?

StudyGate is the world’s first hybrid tutoring option, best used for homeschooling students. But what does that even mean?

Hybrid tutoring

No longer do you have to search the Internet for people available to really help you learn. No more working all alone anymore either. You can find a tutor anytime you want, get the answers you need, and have a conversation about it. If you want someone to study with, you can create a video chat room and invite your friends to get their study on too.

That’s hybrid tutoring and that’s what we offer on StudyGate.

The Old Way

Once upon a time, you would post your questions online for homework help. Then you would get some answers and have a chat with your tutor. They would even show their work. It was a great option when you had an emergency or needed help with a big project.

Lots of companies also offered online tutoring. They would give you a whiteboard and the option to get a tutor with video chat from your device anytime, anywhere.

You could give a star review if you liked the service. Some people call these options Uber for learning, but they were never integrated.

YouTubers also started making Study with Me videos to motivate each other. They would watch each other studying and work online while the video played. With the option for 10-minute breaks every hour via Google Chat, friends could encourage each others to study and stay connected too.