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How to Tutor on StudyGate: Online Tutoring Prep Advice for Tutors

Congrats, your tutoring offer has been accepted! Here are effective tips for how to tutor on StudyGate.

How to Tutor on StudyGate STEP 1. Confirm Browser

StudyGate tutoring currently works with only Google Chrome and a computer.

how to tutor on studygate-confirm browser

If you don’t already have it, go ahead and download Google Chrome.

How to Tutor on StudyGate STEP 2. Download Screenshare Extension

Let your student see exactly what you are seeing.

how to tutor on StudyGate_screenshare

Get the screen sharing extension to ensure full functionality.


How to Tutor on StudyGate STEP 3. Test the Site 

Time to start up your tutoring engines. Let’s make sure everything works!

how to tutor on StudyGate_test

Here is the demo:


There are some buttons on the left. We’ll go over them from the top down, but if the color is blue, the functionality is on.

●Screen Sharing

best online tutoring screen sharing



Screen is for screen sharing. The window size can be adjusted as needed. We know you have big ideas to share!

● Whiteboard

best online tutoring whiteboard

Whiteboard lets your student see everything you draw on the screen as you explain key concepts.

best online tutoring coming soon


best online tutoring editor

Editor is for writing code. You can toggle between editor and whiteboard without losing your work, but the functions display one at a time.

● Text chat

best online tutoring text chat

Text chat is just that. With your student. Best for accounting homework help where technical explanations are necessary.


This button will eventually let you record tutoring sessions for later review. Make sure you are using good chat etiquette!

●Camera and Mic

best online tutoring camera and mic

Chrome will ask permission to use your camera and microphone. Just click ‘accept’ to turn them on.


best online tutoring publish

If you republish, you can use HD or SD. SD is best for slow connections.

how to tutor on studygate_tutoring tips

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